Thursday, February 22, 2007


I am astounded to see Anderson in LA studio!!!


Anonymous said...

It's so funny, I was just thinking yesterday, if Anderson will be on LIVE today - hats off to him. He's really dedicated to his work, and very professional. And I was missing him already on the studio. So I was hoping he would be but nah I don't think so. Lo and Behold, Anderson was LIVE on the screen! Is he in LA? It sort of caught me by surprise because I wasn't really expecting him to be on tonight. It made me so happy to see him, and oh the first hour was good because he got a lot of snark tonight. It was all over the place especially during the ANS segments LOL I enjoyed it so much. I loved the exchange between Toobin and Anderson. And that judge? OMG! I haven't seen a judge cry about a decision, I mean is this a first? It's all so ODD, and now I definitely believe the judge IS having an audition for a show. WEIRD!


mio_bella said...

Anderson is amazing! He said,"I'll see you tomorrow night." He's going to host the show tomorrow! It seems they are airing "Edge of Disaster" again. Let's hope they will broadcast that story for the second half so that Anderson can hit the sack as early as possible.

But wait a minute. Are they offering special edition of "Planet in Peril"?