Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Remarkable Anderson

Larry King Live
He said he would be home on Wednesday. Would he appear live from Brazil on Tuesday night? That sounds impossible. But we can expect to see some of the stories he's been covering these days.

1st appearance
He is live via broadband and the quality is not so good. Which would you prefer? Good quality but short appearance or bad quality with a lot of Anderson? He cannot say where he is for a security reason.

2nd appearance -- manatee
I love a man wearing shorts and Anderson does! I've been saying this since I was a high school student and nobody agrees with me. Do you like a man in shorts? As long as Anderson is concerned, everybody must have enjoyed it!

I think I've once heard Anderson describe himself as "a pale, skinny, gray-haired guy with chicken legs." Hmm, that seems to be a perfect description, but still he is really sexy in every way.

"remarkable images from Amazon"

Jeff made me bleed. How mean!

Gosh! I shouldn't have trusted him!! I've sucked a lot of bacteria!

3rd appearance -- Bye, sloth!

I miss this sloth...

I love this facial expression. He really misses and worries about that creature. And this is for Delie&Pebbles! [Farewell to Sloths]

Everyone wants to become that sloth. But come to think of it. Is it clean? I'm afraid it must be pretty stinky and have a lot of tiny insects in that fur. Suppose I were that sloth, I would not care about the strange odor and insects as long as Anderson would hold me. The nice thing is he does not care about dirty creatures. How sweet!!


Delie said...


With you, it's always Christmas! Reading your blog is like a perpetual birthday party with such nice gifts and lots of joy! Thanks so much for the video and the screen caps. I'm sure Pebbles agree with me: you are our AnderAngel!
Men wearing shorts? Well, I spend a part of my working time to watch men in shorts. No comment! Again: it's for professional reasons!! So, I'm quite indifferent to that. But Anderson wearing shorts! Wow! It's a first! And I liked it.
About his apperances, I definetly prefer bad quality with a lot of Anderson. Because, after all, we just want him to do his job, reporting and giving us the news. And when he reports live, on field, I really want to see what he has to show us even if it's not very clear.

mio_bella said...

I'm so glad you enjoy my blog! It take quite a long time to watch 2-hour show, and blog about it, but it is fun for me, too!

I am feeling a little embarrassed for not writing about the content at all since AC started live from Brazil. I sure learned a lot about how important the rainforest is to all of us around the world, how devastating the situation there is, ecosistem in Amazon and so on. I'll write a content-oriented blog when this series comes to an end!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mio! First of all, thank you, thank you for the uploads! I could not agree with Delie more - you are our AnderAngel! I loved seeing him in shorts for the first time, and when he says he's pale - he's not kidding, he's REALLY pale. I don't know if you noticed but he seemed to have lost weight, I don't know maybe he isn't eating much.

It's quite funny, but I notice I feel the same way with you guys. After I read your posts, it's as if you took the words right out of my mouth Hmmm... we're all on the same wavelength, I guess. Thanks again Mio, we can always count on you!


Anonymous said...

Oh and I forgot to comment I love the rapport between Anderson and Jeff. I've read some blogs and they all loved the pricking segment, they say they looked like brothers having a fun time. They said they're so funny together they could have a sitcom LOL!


Pati Mc said...

Aw, I think Anderson's legs are so cute. They are not chicken legs! he has muscles there. I have to admit that I love seeing his big bare feet. He has the cutest feet I have ever seen!

Anderson and Jeff do act like brothers. But Jeff is for sure the bully in the relationship! I can't believe that he made Anderson bleed. But you all know that all of us would have kissed his poor finger to make it better!

Sloth's and Manatee's. WOW! I would have loved to be that manatee hugging Anderson's leg. Oh dear! Guess I am back in the naughty chair.....again!

Mio, your pcitures are so wonderful! Anderangel indeed! =)

mio_bella said...

Thank you for your nice comments, Pebbles & Pati. AnderAngel!? Too nice nickname for me!

Everyone shares the same feeling, so you also love the moment I found great!

I was our when "Wednesday" AC360 was on, I just come back home and saw it very quickly, with x60 speed. Anderson was on at the very last 5 minutes! I guess all the Ander-driven girls have been waiting so long if they see the live show.

I'm leaving home again and I'll update this blog 12 hours later!