Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Pati's Selection

Ah, Anderson! That's good title for this picture! Antually, Delie sent me the same picture, and I'm thinking of using this photo for March calendar. It sounds silly but I make calendar myself every month with one of my favorite Anderson photos.


Anonymous said...

He's a truly beautiful man, inside and out. The inner beauty makes him more attractive to me than I can even put into words. I adore him and admire him...... Feel guilty being married and saying this, but it can't be helped. Thankfully, my husband thinks he's a good guy.

Mio, I love your blog. Keep up the great work. Nice to have a connection to some Anderson fans all over the world.

Hey Pati - I'm in PA, too, outside of Philly. Too cold here today, thanks for the pics to warm things up!!


mio_bella said...

Hi, KL

It's really nice I can reply to your comment in a few minutes!

I am not married but I have a boy friend. Too bad, I am spending too much time on Anderson and I am seeing him less than before. He doesn't care. On the contrary, he is happy!

Mio: I am very busy keeping up with world affair!
Beau: That's good for me. If you do not watch news at all, I cannot talk to you.

He is really addicted to news programs.He doesn't understand English and he never watches CNN, so I can give him a lot of information.

AndysGirl said...

All of those pictures show what a beautiful man he is and I agree, he's beautiful inside and out. My favorite though is the second one, looks very angelic and heavenly.

Thanks for posting and I enjoy your blog and check it every day.

Anonymous said...


You crack me up!! Your boyfriend sounds great - just be careful to keep room for both of these guys in your life......

I really admire how wonderful your English skills are. Wish I could say the same for my Japanese.

I love that as big as this planet is, it can also be so intimate thanks to the internet....amazing that we can share our similar likes and interests even though we're a world apart.

Keep up the good work. Your posts are fun and different. Have a great day.


Delie said...

Thanks Mio for posting the photos. Your blog is such a beautiful place! I love the third one. It reminds me how I first heard of him, with his book, not with his show.

@ Pati: I hope it's a little warmer in your town than yesterday. Wow! It's too cold for me. The lowest temperature I've ever experienced in France was around 1 Fahrenheit. And thanks for "keep me toasty". I didn't know this expression and I like it :-)!

mio_bella said...


Thanks you for your comment. I guess everybody has tons of Anderpics, but it's really nice to see some selections that Anderfans choose. They should be all brilliant.


I am really thankful that I have an internet access. Only a little while ago, we never imagine sharing our feeling with people all around the world and making friends with them. And I am really happy that I can communicate in English. I have been living in Japan all through my life. Thanks to CNN and the Internet, I have a lot of opportunity to use Enlish, which enhance my language ability more and more, I guess.


I'm glad you think this blog beautiful. All of these fascinating Anderpics make this place gorgesous, brilliant, marvelous, beautiful, sophisticated, amazing ... I need too many adjectives!!!

Pati Mc said...

@Mio - I was so shocked to see my name and photos on your blog! What a wonderful surprise! You are so sweet. I am glad that you liked the photo's that I sent. I love these because they show Anderson's fine, freckled skin. (His skin is just like mine! It is so weird!) I do not like it when they put makeup on him. It makes me crazy.

@KL - You are welcome and I agree completely with your comments on Anderson's INNER beauty. He is such an amzaing man. You took the words right out of my mouth, truly.
I live in Camp Hill, near Harrisburg. I come to Philly twice a week for business and I just got home from there now! LOL! And it is STILL freezing outside! Brrrrr! But we have Anderson to keep us warm! (Don't we wish) =)

@Delie - Bonjour! I am glad to hear that France is not as cold as it is here. I am coming there! I wish - that would be a dream come true for me. I am glad you liked the "toasty" expression. Anderson tends to affect us that way. You will have to share expressions en Francais with us. I took French for years, but sadly have forgotten a lot. I wish I could have used it more. It is a beautiful language. In French my name would be Patrice. At least I remembered that part! =)

If any of you would ever like to email me my address is Feel free, I consider you all to be friends =)