Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"News" Triangle

I usually post one big Anderson pic, but today I couldn't choose which is better. So I've posted both! I think his hair is getting long. Is he having the same hairstyle he used to have when he was very young?
<--Like this?

Apex 1: Astronaut arrested for attempted murder
It's incredible to drive all the way to kill your rival. We have a biased view of an astronaut. He or she should be highly educated, goal-oriented and a perfect person both physically and mentally. That's what makes people even shocked.

Apex 2: Disgraced priest
Just like the disgraced astronaut, this priest was disgraced because of his love affair. It was interesting to hear the debate and Anderson's MC(do you call that role MC?) was perfect.

Apex 3: Strange things in sky
Something related to space.

I like this combination! The Earth, the mug, the pen, the latptop and Anderson.

I heard Anderson hum a little bit, and that was so cute!

Hmm mmmm

Happening again!

So, what's happening again? Check this out!
Star Trek (1st time)
Star Trek (2nd time)


Delie said...

Wow! Thanks Mio for the video of the 2nd Star Trek. As you know, I couldn't watch the 2nd hour of AC360. Cute humming Anderson!

Pati Mc said...

Your posts are so wonderful Mio! Anderson so cute last night, as always! I loved hearing him humming. Ha ha! =)

mio_bella said...

He sure was really cute. We also heard his "Yikes!" again. I love that!