Thursday, February 08, 2007

Love & Obsession

Love & Obsession? It seems like he is talking about us!

The other day, when he wore that blue T-shirt, everybody went crazy about his neck. Now delie says she is fascinated with his hands.

I think inside of Anderson is much better than his outside, but he really does have a nice package.

Now, I want to ask you this; Apart from his inside,which Anderpart do you find most attractive? I know this is really hard to answer as every part attracts us.

For starters, this is my answer. I love his intellectual frown.

He said he'd be live from New Orleans again. We can expect to see casual Anderson again tomorrow! Yay!

I just said in yesterday's post that his hair was getting long and that we might see the hairstyle he used to have in his younger days. But he finally had his hair cut. I might be criticisedif I say this, but is his hair getting thinner? It doesn't matter at all, though.


Delie said...

Dimples, dimples, dimples :-)!

Pati Mc said...

Wow Mio that is hard one to answer. I love his hands as well. They are so graceful and poetic.

BUT I have to say that I love his eyes. I can never forget when he looked at me. Never ever. And I know you said only ONE, but I am in love with his hair as well. I think it is beautiful and I would love to touch it. I hope that does not sound too weird. ;) It just looks very soft and touchable. His hair in person is much whiter and it is really thick, so I do not think it is getting thin.

Beppu said...

I have not been watching 360 a lot this week (I watched some, but not everything). I am kind of tired of the story about the astronaut. How is the weather in Kyushu right now? It is cold here in Canada. How cold does it get over there?

Jan said...

The thing that I first admired about Anderson was his caring and compassion during Katrina.

Then the more you watch, you see the whole package, caring, compassion and his looks. I too, love looking at his hands. Isn't that weird, but I don't know why I am so mesmerized by his hands and fingers. I like his dimples, especially the two little ones at the bottom of his face. It seems the more weight he looses the deeper they get.

I kind of like his hair longer, but can't complain. I wonder if he is getting ready for vacation. It seems like he gets his hair cut right before he goes on vacation and he has been on for so long without a week break like he was doing in the fall.

Mio-- I just love your blog and think it is so cool coresponding with everyone,especially with you living in Japan.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mio! Well, to answer your question, physically, I love his blue eyes and his smile - he looks so cute! But other than that I am also attracted to his intelligence and wit. He is not only very good reporter but a great author too. I love his style of writing. You get to feel what he feels, as if you're there with him. Rarely do I see a writer who makes me feel that way. Don't you agree?


mio_bella said...

Wow! I've got a lot of answers! I love his eyes, smile, dimples, hands, too! Especially, I somehow go crazy when I can see his blood vessel in his hands. Even BV makes him sexy!

Pati Mc said...

Oh Mio, you make me laugh! My friend at work laughed so hard at me today when I told her that I think the veins in his arms are so sexy! She thinks that I am very weird to say something like that. That is so funny that you like the veins in his hands. You made me feel better with that comment.

Anonymous said...

His eyes are beautiful. That's easy though. Everyone thinks that. His hands are so expressive and so thin and big. Ha ha.

mio_bella said...

Sorry for delaying answering your question, Beppu.

Here in Kyoshu, it was 17C/87F today. It is really warm. But I'm afraid we may suffer from incredibly cold weather sometime soon.

You're just hillarious! I cannot wait to see you! I think we can talk about Anderson 24 hours! Everybody around us is fed up with our Andertalks, but between you and me, nobody will stop us!

@anonymous person
His hands are just as expressive as his forehead, don't you think? And also, so sexy!