Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Leaving Amazon

How mean AC360 was! They really keep us waiting for a long time until we could finally see Anderson! It aired the special edition; Edge of disaster in the middle of the show! Why didn't they start it for the second hour? I usually record the show and watch it later, so it didn't bother me. But some of us can not see the 2nd hour!!

I found the special edition interesting. I have been so ignorant of those thing Maybe I'll watch this again and again later to fully understand it.

Anderson is just about to leave Brazil. Apparently, it is a recorded video, but Anderson started this video saying,"Thanks,John...." and ending the video with,"John, back to you," which I found somewhat funny.

Wow! We can see even darker mark in Jeff's inner arm!

Anderson still has marks on his sexy arm.



Pati Mc said...

*THUD* OMG that arm! *faints*

I am breathless....entirely!

mio_bella said...

This arm really drives me to take exercise!