Friday, February 16, 2007


Anderson wears The North Face jacket tonight. Good. I don't have to get as crazy as I was when I saw Tuesday show. Greens behind Anderson is really beautiful. They do not seem to be exposed to any chemicals that human beings have been creating and doing harm on our Mother nature. But we are actually destroying them and that thought make me sick. The earth is to human what human body is to cancer cells.

Anderson took off that jacket for the 2nd appearance! I again became really crazy! I shouted, screamed smiling a huge smile! His chest!!! SO YUMMY! I've always failed to understand ladies going crazy to see a man. I regarded them as an idiot. Now, I am an IDIOT! But who cares? Everyone that visits my blog is just like this!

Sorry, I couldn't concentrate the content again. I'll have to watch it over and over again. Maybe about 10 times??

Wherever he goes, children are really curious to see his camera. And wherever he goes, he has a warm smile to see indigenous children. What an adorable smile!

I don't think that yellow ornament suits Anderson, though.

And this is Pebbles' favorite picture, right?
I'm sure we will be able to see those pictures on AC360 website pretty soon. They are fabulous. I can't wait to DL them all!


I wrote that second hour was "Afghanistan; unfinished war" and that Delie and Pebbles did not miss any Anderson. I'm sorry, I might have lied. His 3rd made his 3rd appearance at 10:59pm(ET) so you might have missed it. That was a reply of the 1st segment. But after that, Anderson talked about the dye on his arms. As usual, I uploaded a movie for you! [YouTube]

Anderson was on screen for about 20 minutes again, but his report was fascinating enough to make me satisfied for at least 24 hours. Besides, he explained the situation on 360BLOG and asks us to understand the problem. What a soothing comment!


Delie said...

Mio, you're so kind! Merci beaucoup! Thanks so much for the video. We haven't seen it.
Are you ready to shout one more time in front of your screen?

Your screen caps are great.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mio! Thank you for the screencap. You're right that's my favorite. Isn't he cute?! Thanks also for uploading his last segment. You're really great, Delie and I can always count on you. Oh, he looks good on green too!


mio_bella said...

I screamed to see Anderson as usual! And you?

I'm glad I'd posted the exact picture. As for me, I prefer Anderson's warm smile toward native children. So beautiful!