Wednesday, February 14, 2007

How to make Anderson jump

It was raining hard and the cable reception seemed to be terrible. Too bad I couldn't get nice pictures when Anderson is supersexy.

I feel terribly sorry for Anderson, but I was totally Anderson-oriented again today. He was just too sexy to concentrate on what he was talking about. What attracted me was his heavy-built physique, his neck, upper arms, chest... I couldn't get my eyes off of every part of his body. SOOOOOO YUMMY! At this moment, I watched all of Anderson segments twice, but still I cannot get used to this sexy reporter. How many times do I have to watch till I can stay calm enough to listen to him??

Anderson is desperate to make himself heard on the helicopter.
I cannot imagine how long it took from Miami to the place he was, but he was on the helicopter for 4 hours! He said he would be going even deeper into the rain forest. I hope you won't contract malaria again.

Speaking of Amazon and malaria, has anyone ever read "Testament?" Anderson has met Grisham at least twice, hasn't he?

John Roberts said he had thought he needed to fly a couple of rockets to make Anderson jump, but only a frog is enough to make him frightened! How cute!


Jeff: Anderson is getting serious again. I get bored...

frog: Why don't we make him jump again?

Jeff: That's a good idea!

I did it!

You can see a movie here!(YouTube)


mio_bella said...

I forgot to write about this;

Both Larry King and John Roberts were really proud of Anderson's good work, weren't they?

In their previous shows, they really wanted us to see Anderson in "somewhere." That's why CNN wanted to keep it a secret as long as possible.

I usually start wathing CNN at 20 before AC360 starts so that I won't miss Anderson. I waited and waited only to find John Roberts for that segment.

I guess everyone around the world were dying to see him! At last, Larry King said, "Anderson Cooper" and he shoed up, I really went crazy!

Oops! Did I write about it on the comment for the previous blog??? All right. I'll keep myself from going insane again.

Delie said...

Thank you for the video. We cannot see this moment on the CNN Pipeline's Frog segment. Very cute too!

Jan said...

Oh please lets NOT see one of those light things that Jeff has on, on Anderson. Don't want one hair of that head covered up.

I too think he looked totally HOT last night. Can't wait for tonights show.

Thanks for posting the You tube video.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mio! Thanks for the upload on youtube. Anderson's so adorable!


ME Ellee said...

I couldn't hear what he was saying because his physique was shouting so loudly. It screamed,
"Come and get me!" That's when I called the airport to see if there were any tickets left for the Amazon--- there wasn't. They had just sold the last one. DANG!

AndysGirl said...

Hey Mio- that's so funny, that little exchange between Jeff Corwin and "the frog"!

How many times do I have to watch till I can stay calm enough to listen to him?? Good luck with that, I've been watching since Hurricane Katrina in Sep 2005; I still can't stay calm enough to listen all the time.

Going to watch the frog video, thanks for posting it on youtube.

mio_bella said...

Thank you so much for all of your comment.

Too bad we couldn't see Anderson last night.

AC360 has started alreayd and Anderson is on!(Now, again JR is talking about Anna Nicole...) Phew! He is wearing a jacket tonight and I don't have to get terribly crazy although I cannot stay calm at all.

Just like Me Ellee, I shouted and shouted to see Anderson's loudly built physique. Then I suddenly feel ashamed of my abs and biceps and started exercise! Anderson is really changing my way of life!

mio_bella said...

OMG! The second hour is a replay of Afghanistan!

Delie & Pebbles, you won't miss any nice moment of Anderson today!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for informing us Mio. It's a good thing all the Anderson moments were on the first hour. I loved it when they showed the clip of Jeff saying that there lots of creepy crawlers around (while they were exploring the forest at night), and Jeff says Anderson loves creepy crawlers. Anderson responds, "Uhm, I'm not sure that's true." LOL Oh, and he took off his jacket on his second segment - lost my concentration again, I'm sure you did too. I loved the shots that they showed of Anderson while he was with the tribe, especially the one where he was just standing holding a camera on his side and he was staring off somewhere far. He looked very good in his stance - it emphasized his physique more which WE all Love! Hope you get a screencap of that.