Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Anderson's New Look 2

I wrote about Anderson's very similar ties in January, and it seems I was right! We are seeing another red&blue tie! Or is it the same usual red&blue tie he is wearing?

If it is a new tie, I'll definitely add pictures 14 hours later.
If it is not, I will delite this post 14 hours later.

I made this comment 15 minutes before AC360 started, when Larry King introduced Anderson Cooper. I could only see the knot, and I was not 100% positive. Now I am! As I wrote earlier, I'll add pictures! Look at those huge smiles!

Sadly, his new pink shirt does not look "pink."

Fortunately, I did not erase this very similar image seen in November. He was wearing a white shirt. Larry looks terrible but who cares!?


Jan said...

I think it is a new red & blue tie.

Whatis with showing the Afganastan special AGAIN. I wouldn't have minded if they hadn't just shown it last week. Wonder if our boy is getting ready to go there again. He did say that they would be doing more reporting in the next weeks and months to come on Afganastan. I do think it is the forgotten war.

AndysGirl said...

Hey Mio - Jan is right, it's a new tie. The other one (my favorite) has wider red stripes. Also, the stripes on this one go down left to right as we look at it, the other one they go up from left to right as we look at it.

Thanks for the pictures, they are yummy,which is another way of saying delicious or delicieux!

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's just the tie but the shirt too (sort of pale lavander), it's the first time I've seen it (or are my eyes just deceiving me?).


Anonymous said...

Now that I've seen the pictures again, I think it's a pink shirt. No matter what, he still looks great and cute! It's good to see him back in the NY studio again. Funny, when Anderson is on it seems like the hour passes by so quickly, I need to see more of him. But when it's not Anderson anchoring, the hour seems to drag on and on.


Delie said...

I had the same questions this morning: new tie? What's the colour of the shirt? It seems to be a very pale pink or creamy. And sometimes it looks almost white.

@Jan: I agree with you. Afghanistan is THE forgotten war. And our favorite reporter will surely go there soon.

mio_bella said...

Wow! I'm amazed that everyone got this crazy about Anderson's new pink shirt and new tie! Just like you, I couldn't stay calm until "Afghanistan the FORGOTTEN war" started.

I can understand all of your frustration about broadcasting this same edidion again and again, (Didn't we see it just recently??), but I paid homage to AC360 and watched the show till the very end. No matter how many times I see it, I found each image painful.

Yeah, he was wearing a pink shirt, and he once wore a lavender shirt. I was not good at taking good shots. Both of time, it seems he is wearing a white shirt :(

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