Monday, February 12, 2007

Anderson Cooper is traveling!

Phew! I'm somewhat happy that he finally takes some rest. I heard Erica Hill is coming back tonight. I hope we can see 360 bulletin with Erica pretty soon!


Jan said...

Mio--Larry King said he was traveling and we would find out tomorrow where he is at. I have a feeling he is on his way out of the country for a storym so I don't figure he will be getting much rest.

Have a good day


mio_bella said...

Thanks for the correction again, jan.
I just "read" what Larry King said on Transcription page;

Now let's head to New York. Anderson Cooper is on assignment. He's wild somewhere. I know where he's going. We may learn that tomorrow night. But Anderson travels where no man fears to tread.

Hmm, where is he now??

Anonymous said...

Where is he? That's the question everybody seems to be asking. Oh, Anderson wants to keep us guessing. I had a hunch he'd be going somewhere soon and I was right. After all the bashing he's been getting (from FNC and KO- I don't know why they're ganging up on poor Anderson), I think the more he's inspired to do more what is asked of him. And I think he's out to prove it to make them shut up.

By the way, if you go to freakspeakers, there's an article there written by Po Branson the one who did the Men's Journal article on Anderson - he revealed some more things about Anderson when he interviewed him in Las Vegas. And most importantly, he defended Anderson from Fox and those who are criticizing him now. It's a good read, I like what he said. He seems very impressed with Anderson. As we all are already. Anderson's now more endearing to me.


Delie said...

Maybe Nigeria. The Koinange's report was so interesting... Or Iraq. No, not Iraq, please!
I just hope he stays safe wherever he is.

mio_bella said...

John Roberts also emphasised that Anrerson will be on tomorrow night! And Turner Pressroom has no information on Anderson althou they let us know he would go to Florida when tornade hit. Everyone wants to keep it secret until AC360 starts!

He could go directly from NY, didn't have to go to LA.

North Korea?
He has wanted to go to that secluded country, but that's the place where everyone fears to tread.

His Home?
That's a nice place. Everyone wants to see Anderson from his own house.

Usually AC360 website is updated at about 11:00am(ET). Will it give us any information today?

Thank you for your information. I just got home from work, and I'll check that out later. It must be nice article!

Delie said...

@ Pebbles
Thanks for the information. The Po Bronson's post about Anderson on his blog is great!

mio_bella said...

Tuesday's show

A doctor and minister selling treatments by mail to desperately ill patients. What's really in them? A 360° special investigation.

They do not want to give us any clue where Anderson is!!!

mio_bella said...

He's in Brazil!

Let's hope for a good show!

Anonymous said...

Mio and Delie, your welcome guys, I know the article would be a good read for you.

Anderson in the Amazon - I'm pretty excited with the show tonight will he be in the middle of the jungle?, oh and coming soon Anderson in the Arctic! Now that's one show to look forward to! I hate it, I'll only get to see the first hour. Delie, I think we have the same fate. Sigh!


mio_bella said...

I just cannot get used to stunning sexy Anderson in that black T-shirt! Now, Jeff Koinange is on and I can take a break.

I feel terribly sorry for Anderson. He is seriously reporting the situation in Amazon, but I cannot concentrate on what he is saying.

I think I need to watch tonight Anderson segments 5 times or so till I can finally get used to him and listen carefully about the report.

Anonymous said...

LOL Mio, you cannot just simply concentrate on what he is saying. Actually, I've got the same problem too I just keep on staring at him but nothing's coming in my head about what he's saying. And then Jeff Corwin came into the picture OMG! It's a pity I only saw the first hour, I feel so deprived, I thought Anderson was gonna be on the whole time but he only has segments of his report and interviews with Jeff. Aw shucks!


Anonymous said...

Oh Mio, can I ask you to upload on the youtube the frog segment. I read that Anderson jumped when the frog came out, it really creeped Anderson out LOL I want to see it, unfortunately we don't have the second hour here on CNN Intl. I think we are all gonna enjoy laughing at Andy while he's in the jungle, John Roberts even teased him about it. Thanks!


mio_bella said...

Why not!?

When I saw that frog segment, I immediately thought about the same thing!

I usually go to work just after AC360 finishes and I am at office now. I will definitely post a lot of pictures and a frog movie on YouTube!

candy said...

I'm with you, mio_bella...I've been rewinding segment after segment since I taped it tonight, and seriously have NO IDEA what either Anderson or Jeff Corwin are talking about. None whatsoever. Every once in awhile, "threat" or "endanger" might jump out, only for the words to fade back out once Anderson starts making his biceps flex again. Oy...

Jeff Corwin thinks that the next 6 months will be hard on Anderson? What about us? *lol*

Delie said...

Ah Brazil! One of my favourite places in the world! I was so, so excited: Anderson in Brazil! OMG! I woke up very early to see that and I was crazy when I saw the black t-shirt! Muito lindo, muito encantador, Anderson! My portuguese/brazilian accent is pretty bad. I have to work on that!

More seriously, I can't wait to see the other reports, the other trips. China, Artic, Madagascar... AC 360° crew and producers do such a great job. This "Planet in peril" is very interesting.

@ Pebbles: yes, I only got the first hour. It's so unfair for us. I do not understand why they keep doing that, cutting after the first hour. Well, we have the transcripts, maybe some pieces on CNN Pipeline and ...Youtube!!!

Thanks in advance, Mio, for the frog segment!

Delie said...

Me again... The frog segment is on CNN Pipeline ("Dying planet"). Too cute !