Monday, February 26, 2007


Here are some of the great pictures Delie sent to me! I decided it's too nice to enjoy them alone, so I posted them! Let's wait a little while till Monday AC360!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the screencaps. That's one of the things that made me attracted to Anderson other than his intelligence and wit - his smile. I love it when he smiles he looks so good! Sigh...


Delie said...

Well, I should do more screen caps of the past AC 360 shows during my few boring evenings.
I love when he smiles. I can see the dimples and all these little wrinkles around the eyes. So cute!
The last photo is more about his concerned look (or affected look? Help, Mio!). I'm sure we all like him also for his listening skills...

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I don't know if you visit the freakspeakers blog, there's a picture there of Anderson during the Vanity Fair party seated beside a pretty woman who looks so interested in what he's saying and Anderson looks so shy. They said the girl's Aerin Lauder, I think she's Estee Lauder's daughter hmmm I'm feeling a tinge of jealousy. But they say she's married so he's still safe with us LOL!


Pati Mc said...

OMG he is such a cute boy! Great pics Delie, thanks for sharing.

These will keep me going for the rest of the afternoon. My oh my!

Jan said...

Thanks Mio for posting Delie's pictures.

If rumors are true, he won't be on tonight as he is interviewing Walter Crockite at a college in California. Hope I'm wrong, but you never know till 10:00

mio_bella said...

I'm so glad Delie's pictures make everyone happy!


His smile is priceless! There's something special about it. And thanks for your information on freakspeakers blog. Thanks to you, I knew about the lady talking with Anderson, so I never felt jealous when I saw the picture.


You're right. Not only dimples but every wrinkle on his face attract us! The older he gets, the sexier he becomes. I've seen young Anderson's pictures but definitely, he looks better now.

As for the last picture... I'd say "attentive"? I'm also an English learner and I'm afraid cannot help you :(
Pati, Jan, what's the right word to desctibe his look?


These great pictures soothe paiful Andersless nights, aren't they? He is really photogenic!


I've checked out that info, too. It seems he has an interview, and after that the university is having reception party in the evening. I'm afraid his chance of being on screen is very slim.

ME Ellee said...

Wow Delie! Tres bon, Merci
Thanks Mio for posting these. They do warm the heart on a cold, snowy Anderless night. *Sigh*

mio_bella said...

We couldn't meet Anderson, but JR said Anderson would be back tomorrow, which made me really happy! I cannot wait to see Anderson in NY studio!

Anonymous said...

Yey Mio, Anderson will be back! I miss him too in the NY studio. I hope he discusses a little of what transpired on his interview with Walter Cronkite. And from the ATA blog, they said Anderson will be guesting on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on Thursday(US time) I wonder what he'll talk about?


Jan said...

Mio--I think attentive is a good way of describing the last picture. He has this look a lot of the time when he is interviewing someone on a topic that he is really interested in.

mio_bella said...

@ Pebbles

Thanks for the information. I haven't checked out how his interview was. I'll visit ATA blog later!

@ Jan

Thank you for teaching us English!
As far as I remember, that, I mean the last picture, is when he was interviewing Hillary, not McCain. I'll have to go and see Anderson interviews at AC360 website.