Saturday, February 24, 2007

AC360 Commentary 02/23/07

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10:00pm - Taliban comeback?
I found myself pretty used to these severe war images and suddenly I got scared. Isn't that insane? I mean, they are building a bomb so that they might kill a great number of people or themselves.

10:08pm - Anna Nicole Smith
Raw Data: In only past 24 hours, they aired as many as 148,000 segments!?
People googled for ANS news 22 million times!?
No wonder AC360 has to spare so much time for this news. People would like to watch it.

10:15pm - Clinton VS Obama
They'll be talking about 2008 election for more than a year. As for me, I'm just an observer.

10:25pm - Iraq Refugee
Here's my take on this issue; I can understand that it is the U.S.'s responsibility to accept more Iraqi refugees. But there must be a very fine line between who to accept and not to. All people suffering that dicastating situation would like to flee the country. Accepting refugees seems to be too easy way to help them lead happy lives. In order to save everyone there, we must help them build a nice country with a proper government. This is a formidable task! Hmm, this is what you call catch-22 situation?

10:45pm - Anna Nicole Smith
They spend too much time!!!

Second hour; Edge of Disaster: Are you prepared?

Will they ever show us "Planet in Peril" special??

As an Anderson-oriented viewer, when AC was aired from LA studio, I easily get bored because I cannot enjoy a lot of angles of Anderson.

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Delie said...

Hi Mio,
Too much time on Anna Nicole Smith. You're right and I agree...
The Taliban story really scared me.
We just had one angle shot of Anderson the two last nights but it was so nice to see him back from Brazil! I've missed his suits and the purple tie, and believe me, I've never thought I could say that one day!

mio_bella said...

OMG! I tried posting comments for this article several times, but it hasn't been updated!! Anyway...

Hi, delie!

Thank you for coming back to my blog! I appreciate it. I become so happy when I see somebody, especially you, having posted some comments!

We all became crazy to see supersexy Anderson from Brazil. But it seems we had a strong craving for neatly dressed Anderson. I wrote that I got bored easily in LA studio, but I never tired of seeing Anderson. He is intelligent and photogenic!

I cannot see a clear difference between LIVE Anderson and AC in special editions, but I found live Anderson even more attractive. Don't you think so?