Thursday, February 22, 2007

AC360 Commentary 02/21/07

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10:00pm - Dynamic Duo! John King and Kiran Chetry. Let's ask CNN not to let Anderson co host with somebody else, which might be the last idea that CNN would ever have.

10:01pm - War in Iraq

10:05pm - Clinton VS Obama
I like both of them. I hope they won't go insane to make silly blunders like throwing dirt at each other.

John King gets more and more excited about this issue and he became active and confident. I have been always wondering how old JK is. Any idea? I'd say he is 45 years old.

10:14om - Breaking through autism
This is such a bizarre disease and this woman is amazing. I was especially amazed by the remark that she is a bilingual. She uses special movement and gestures to communicate with people with autism. In order to catch attention of somebody, she moved her hands instead of just saying "Hi."

I think I've got a lot to say about this story, but they're going to cover more about her for tomorrow show. I might want to write about it again tomorrow.

10:35pm - Anna Nicole Smith
This time, they focused on the judge.

10:59pm - Jetblue
Ancient slaves might have been brought to the country packed in ships like that. Or even harsher.

11:09pm - Clinton VS Obama

11:15pm - War in Iraq
Ugh! I can hardly watch! At the beginning, I decided to skip this segment! John warned us, but too difficult for me to watch!!

11:25pm - Secrets of the Delta
This is another difficult story to watch. But we've seen this story several times. I wondered why hostages looked so calm. They were forced to stay calm. These are how persons look when confront death.

Pebbles, you are from Philippines. What is your take on this issue?

11:34pm - Sex offender
About that 29-year-old guy who'd been pretending to be a 7th grader. Weird story.
We see an interview with a school official. I am starting to miss studio Anderson.

11:44pm - Incarcerated; a revolving door
One out of eight black men ends up in prison? That's surprising figure.

11:52pm - Finally Anderson from Brazil
I've been waiting so long to watch this! Also I finally got excited to blog for tonight's show! Enjoy my AnderCrazy commentary!

What can he see? (You already know the answer, though.)

Be careful.

Slowly, slowly...

How beautiful! I can say so as long as the spider does not come closer to me.

Jeff is really excited and giving me some instructions. How come this guy enjoys this tarantula?

Do you think I can trust him this time?

Jeff is shaking with excitement? I'm just shaking (because of fear).

It comes closer to me. Yikes!

After a detailed explanation about this spider, I feel little better about spiders. I wish I could take one back to the Dynamic Duo in NY studio!


Pati Mc said...

Hi Mio!

Great pictures, thanks for them! I sincerely doubt that he could get any more adorable....and then he DOES! *sigh* I love Anderson!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mio! Thanks for the recap, on the second hour. It's a good thing they played a part of that segment on the first hour so I really didn't miss much. And my take on the hostages? Well, I'm glad their back home now with their families. I remember reading their captivity over a month ago in the papers and when Jeff's segment was first shown, I was too surprised that he was able to meet with the hostages. Because I think as far as our government was concerned they didn't know where they're held captive, the Nigerian gov't was the one negotiating with the kidnappers. And that day the segment was shown, our local TV stations were showing screencaps of Jeff's piece, with CNN's permission of course (And you can see Anderson Cooper 360 on the lower right hand corner). As it is, it was because of that report that sort of fueled pressure on the Nigerian Gov't to do something because they're now caught on an embarassing situation. Fortunately, it had a positive result. So, I think Jeff really made it all happen.


mio_bella said...


We had a lot of cute Anderson smile on Wednesday. I just couldn't stop taking pictures and posted as much as 6 pictures!


Thank you so much for your comment. Jeff really changes the situation. I'd known how important reporting is, but since I started watching CNN, I come to appreciate journalism more.

Once in a bluemoon, I see a little CNN on Japanese TV,too, and I have seen Anderson for a few seconds. I always see him, but on different TV station, I got so excited!