Saturday, February 10, 2007

AC360 Commentary 02/09/07

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I am not sure whether Anderson was literally next to Larry King. But I enjoyed his big smile!

He was still in New Orleans. He was not live from his usual studio and we couldn't enjoy various camera angles. He was sitting straight for the whole show. Sometimes, this is nice as we can concentrate on his beautiful face!

10:00 – Anna Nicole Smith dead
Sorry, I do not think I am the right person to write some comments on this model’s death because I did not know who she was until just recently. I’m not sure it’s really worth knowing about her, but I felt as if I was listening to a movie plot.

Anderson was curious to know if it is possible for a 39-year-old woman to die like this naturally. The specialist says it can be possible. Gosh! Anderson is as old as she! He is really hardworking these days and he looks pretty exhausted. Take care of yourself

The guy that calls himself “Prince” says that men(only this guy?) like a little childish girl. Is that worth noting, Anderson? I would rather know what kind of person YOU like

10:33 pm – The Obama factor
I like this guy pretty much. I was pretty shocked to know that he smokes. I hate smokers, and I cannot put up with smoke. Did he say that he would quit smoking soon? He is sexy, well-educated and attractive although he is no match for Anderson.

10:40pm – secrets of the delta
I was a little bit amazed to see the facial expression of Filipino captives. Gangs aim at each person with a gun, but I did not see any fear on their face. Are they used to the situation? Have they given up their lives?

Jeff Koinange is amazing. He always brought real lives in Africa. He is from Africa and he says every tragedy we see in Africa is his own problem. We can see how frustrated he is.

10:52pm – Cop Shortage

11:00pm - Anna Nicole Smith Death

11:30pm – Celebrity Rehab

It seems that all the celebrities who made blunder think they can come back easily after they go into rehab. Even though a person has high reputation, it is hard to get his or her feet back on the ground once it is tainted.

Let me tell you a popular news in Japan. Recently a former comedian became a prefecture's governor. He was arrested several times before for sexual conducts with minors. He got shut out of media for several years, during which he studied, entered a prestigious university, studied politics there and finally elected as a governor. Much better than rehab, isn't it?

11:40pm – secrets of the delta

11:52om – rough encounter

violent optician. Yikes!

11:58pm – winter weather

It seems really cold in some parts of the U.S. Here in Japan, it has been incredibly warm these days. It was 17C/87F today. But I'm afraid we may suffer from cold weather sometime soon.

Wrinkles under his eyes are getting deeper and deeper. I hope he will take good rest. Those wrinkles make him even sexier, though.


Jan said...


I have to say he is the only one that can have bags and still look mighty fine.

As for getting some rest, I think with him in Los Angeles on Friday, he probably stayed for the weekend and is flying back tonight or in the morning to New York, so expect deeper bags tomorrow night if he is even on.

mio_bella said...

Thank you for your correction, jan.
That's right. He was live from LA for Friday show. I hope he had some rest there and that we will see him tomorrow night.

I always have a sort of mixed feeling. I want him to take a long vacation as he has been really harworking since he took one last fall. But at the same time, I cannot put up with Anderless AC360.