Thursday, February 01, 2007

AC360 Commentary 01/31/ 07

I've contributed the same article to AnderCandor. Please check it out!

I noticed something. He has not worn that non-popular Red and Blue ties for more than a month!

10:00pm - Boston Panic: Promo Gone Bad
What a blunder Turner had made! Anderson was not at all reluctant to criticize CNN's parent company.
Naughty figure of electronic bulletin board looked even naughtier. I was a little surprised to hear that paying fine would be cheaper than taking a proper procedure for a promotion. Turner made a complete faux pas, but I guess the promoter was happy that due to this turmoil, the character is known to people all over the world.

On another note, I remembered a similar case in Japan. In a very small town, a bundle of unknown object was left at a police station. Nobody knows what that was. The police suspected that it might be a bomb. They shut out people living near the police station. A bomb squad was called. Some TV stations reported from their helicopters. Watching that report was an old lady. She was stunned to see the report. She was the one who put the bundle. Within were some cans of beer. The day before, one of the police officers helped her out. She gave it in return.

10:09pm - Terror Plot Foiled
So glad that terrorists were arrested before they could put their heinous plan into practice.

10:17pm - Surging Dissent; War in Iraq
---I'm getting too sleepy

10:19pm - Biden's Blunder; Racist Remarks?
Yeah, I think some parts of Biden's remark is right. He is a bright, articulate, cool and nice-looking guy although Anderson is far more like that.

10:24pm - Maliki's Message
---I'm dozing off
Iraq wants more American troops?
Micheal is back in Iraq! I cannot help wishing for security. He looks more adorable in Iraq than in New York. I guess his face will be getting messier day by day.

10:33pm - Target: Iran Why Now? John King Reported
---zz z

10:44pm - Iraq Fund Wasted
---zzz zzz

10:50pm - A Missing Woman: Ivy League Con Artist
It's nice that AC360 viewers are helping find that woman.

11:00pm - "Boston Panic" again
11:07pm - Another Interview with Michael Ware
11:16pm - Iran
11:25pm - Racist Remark?
11:34pm - Terror Plot Foiled
11:40pm - War Within

This might be only Japanese viewers problem, but before the last commercial, Anderson says, "... more 360 after this." I waited for Anderson to appear for the last moment of the show, but I could never see him again. They aired the next program. I felt a little bit frustrated but it can't be helped.

I like to catch Anderson "Anderstand"

It was my day off, but I was just too tired. Visited a shrine, went shopping, met a friend, met another friend and ate huge amount of cake, went swimming, went to a hot spring. Started to watch AC360 after midnight. I couldn't help watching it, but my commentary is far from satisfactory. I'll be posting a better one next time!


ME Ellee said...

Yeah, sometimes I feel cheated, too Mio, when he says he's coming back and then no Anderson. We want our money's worth, don't we? LOL :)
Every last penny's worth.

AndysGirl said...

Hey Mio - I read your post on AnderCandor and it was great. I enjoyed it very much.

Loved the comment about the Thin Mints too. oops, I almost said I enjoyed the Andermints!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I know how you feel - same here in the Philippines, that's what I always say to myself when they go on to the next show and don't continue AC 360 - so frustrating!


mio_bella said...

It seems like everybody is having the same problem. We can enjoy as long as two hours Anderson appearance, but still, the last moment is pretty important for us, isn't it?

I just said "we can enjoy 2 hours of Anderson appearance." Is that true? How long do you think Anderson is actually on screen?

Maybe next time I watch AC360, I'll use my stopwatch to examine it.

mio_bella said...


I'm afraid Thursday commentary, in which you read that "Thin Mints" part, was posted by Pati. Her commentary is always brilliant.

Delie said...

I know very well what is an Anderfrustration (@ AndysGirl: some comment about this word?). Like Pebbles, I have just an hour of Anderson. Last night, I got the 2 hours with the so great, so interesting and lovely Michael Ware. For me, it's not "Mmmmmm thin Mints" but "Mmmmm Michael Ware". Oh oui!
Mio, your idea of timing Anderson when he's on screen is great.

mio_bella said...

It seems so many people are attracted to Michael Ware and me too! Of course no comparison with Anderson.