Saturday, February 17, 2007

AC360 Commenrary 02/16/07

I've contributed this commentary for AnderCandor. Please check it out!

10:00pm - Anderson's 1st appearance

Before the show, I was ready to scream again and I did! How cute! Also the "pie-faced tamarind" Anderson has in his hand is so cute! I shouted and shouted. Then my mother, who does't think Anderson is cool, said to me,
“You think this creature is cute just because this ‘old guy’ is holding it, eh?”
Who on the earth the ‘old guy’ is!? Whatever non-Andercrazy person says does not bother me any more. He is dead-sexy.

And look at this! I found his hands and nails beautiful.

Kiran loved that creature, too, saying that it is the cutest thing she has ever seen, NOT YOU.

Anderson wrote on 360BLOG, “Now that Jeff and I are back in a big city, we've realized the dye doesn't come off. Jeff has these big blue bands of ink around each arm; mine are a bit more subtle, but kind of hard to hide.” I was wondering how distinctive Jeff’s marks are.

Oh my goodness! Darker than I'd thought! Isn't it impossible for him to erase them all in two months? It might exist forever..

10:07pm - War in Iraq
I don't think it is not my role to talk about the US politics. I think this is a right movement. Bush administration will come to end soon and they should not pass the quagmire in Iraq to the next administration.

10:19pm - Anna Nicole Smith
I'm kind of fed up with this news. And I imagine all of the loyal AC360 viewers are feeling the same way. These days, Japanese media started to spare more and more time on her death. The story may be more interesting than badly written mystery story.

10:34pm - Anderson's 2nd appearance

I wish I were this sloth!!! This creature looks so rested on Anderson's chest. I'm huge fan of it, the CHEST! I wish I could cling tenaciously to it.

It's so nice & warm.

10:44pm - deal with the devil?

10:51pm - Too Harsh Punishment
2nd time to air this segment. Intercourse with a minor would give that teen a lighter punishment? Hmm, strange law.

10:58pm -invisible chains
The way he appeared from the right side from the screen reminds me of his own website.
It's really nice to see Anderson in his beautiful suit. But I've seen this story before so I'll just stop watching it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mio! OMG, we were thinking of the same thing, I wished I was the sloth! LOL I'm quite disappointed they never got to show the segment where they went exploring at night. I was sure they were going to show it, since they didn't the last time but they never did. Are they saving the footage for a special or something? I hope they do next week.


mio_bella said...

Thanks for your comment, Pebbles.

Just like you, I expected to see their exploration segment. I was a kind of disappointed but at the same time, I feel happy because I know we'll see more Anderson next week too!

Delie said...

Great screen caps, Mio :-)!
Well, it seems that we all wanted the same thing: being that sloth! I was in heaven during this program: so many shots on his HANDS! You know how much I like them. No explanation about that...
However, I'm quite frustrated. I was waiting for more information about the deforestation, more questions and more answers. Something more "biting" (not sure of this English word, sorry!). Maybe we could get that in the next two shows. Or having a special taped program with all segments.

mio_bella said...

Hi, Delie!

I'm so glad you enjoyed Anderson's hands! Should I have said, "How cute this creature is!" for the second picture? As for Andercrazy people like us, his hands are even more attractive!

I guess Anderson understands how frustrated all of us are and he is also frustrated for not being able to show more about the rainforest. Let's wait for a whole hour special!

mio_bella said...

Where have my pictures gone?? Can anybody see the pictures that I posted for this blog??

Delie said...

Vanished! No, I can't see them :-(.

mio_bella said...

I've recovered this article! I saw these pictures then again I become rapt in fascination.