Monday, February 19, 2007


This is a temporary one to see if I can see pictures. I'll write more about this topic later. [60minutes]


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Mio! We don't have 60 minutes here so I'm glad I was able to watch Anderson's piece. I just finished watching the first hour of AC 360 today, and I'm glad they showed more Anderson and Jeff interaction. I loved the last segment of the hour where Jeff pricked Anderson's finger with a needle from the palm tree and then he later told him that there's bacteria in it to make it sting. Then Anderson looked at the camera with an expression that's like saying "what the hell is he doing to me?" LOL That face was priceless! As ususal I won't be able to watch the 2nd hour. If it is possible, hope you can upload the great segments they would show on the 2nd hour. Especially the night exploration segment with the frogs and the bugs. I'd like to see Anderson's reaction to those, I'm sure his heart skipped a beat. Thanks!


mio_bella said...

Hi Pebbles,

I was too relaxed to update this article... Maybe I'll be doing it some time soon.

I love that moment of Jeff pricking Anderson's finger with a spine! I uploaded that moment, and the segment you must have missed. Please enjoy them!

mio_bella said...

I forgot to tell you that they haven't shown us the night exploration yet. How long do they have us waiting!?