Friday, February 09, 2007

2nd interview with the 83-year-old Katrina survivor

An anonymous person says that his hands are so emotional. I think so, too. His hands are just as expressive as his forehead! You can see emotional hands in the pictures below.

When AC360 live was aired, I was too busy that I turned off TV about 40 minutes after the show started. I came back from work, and I watched the rest of the show now. I thought they covered too much Anna Nicole Smith, but the 2nd hour was really good.

Anderson had a cute interview with the 83-yea-old Katrina survivor the other day. Sorry, I do not remember his name although I do remember his age! It's good that many people were moved by his story and they want to help him out.

He calls his wife "my old lady." He said he's been calling that way for 67 years? That means his wife was his "old lady" when he was 16 years old. I do not know whether his wife is older than he or not, but she was called "old lady" since she was very young.

Speaking of "old lady," my beau likes to call every lady,"old lady." He even calls his 19-year-old coworker an "old lady." When I was first called that way, I was 25 years old at that time, I objected to it, saying,"Stop calling me an "old lady! That word really makes me old!!"

Last time, Anderson had an interview with him, I posted the movie on YouTube, and it was viewed more than 1,200 times! Now, I feel a kind of obliged to post the interview with him again.
Interview with the survivor(1st time)
Interview with the survivor(2nd time)

Did he have two pairs of shoes for the show??

I really love to see Anderson laying his finger on his lips. How adorable!

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