Wednesday, February 28, 2007

ask, believe, you will receive!

As I already posted Anderson's pic for Tuesday show, I do not need to post another one, but isn't this picture cute?

I don't think "positive thinking" is a kind of science, but it holds true in a way. If you do have something you really wish for, you hold on to achieve that goal.

As for me, I need to lose weight but I am eating huge amount of chocolate every day.
"Thinking that food makes us fat makes us fat?" That's a nice idea! But it seems that following positive thinking can be highly credible;
"If you can skip eating this, you will lose weight!"

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Anderson's New Look 2

I wrote about Anderson's very similar ties in January, and it seems I was right! We are seeing another red&blue tie! Or is it the same usual red&blue tie he is wearing?

If it is a new tie, I'll definitely add pictures 14 hours later.
If it is not, I will delite this post 14 hours later.

I made this comment 15 minutes before AC360 started, when Larry King introduced Anderson Cooper. I could only see the knot, and I was not 100% positive. Now I am! As I wrote earlier, I'll add pictures! Look at those huge smiles!

Sadly, his new pink shirt does not look "pink."

Fortunately, I did not erase this very similar image seen in November. He was wearing a white shirt. Larry looks terrible but who cares!?

Monday, February 26, 2007


Here are some of the great pictures Delie sent to me! I decided it's too nice to enjoy them alone, so I posted them! Let's wait a little while till Monday AC360!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

AC360 Commentary 02/23/07

Also check out AnderCandor!

10:00pm - Taliban comeback?
I found myself pretty used to these severe war images and suddenly I got scared. Isn't that insane? I mean, they are building a bomb so that they might kill a great number of people or themselves.

10:08pm - Anna Nicole Smith
Raw Data: In only past 24 hours, they aired as many as 148,000 segments!?
People googled for ANS news 22 million times!?
No wonder AC360 has to spare so much time for this news. People would like to watch it.

10:15pm - Clinton VS Obama
They'll be talking about 2008 election for more than a year. As for me, I'm just an observer.

10:25pm - Iraq Refugee
Here's my take on this issue; I can understand that it is the U.S.'s responsibility to accept more Iraqi refugees. But there must be a very fine line between who to accept and not to. All people suffering that dicastating situation would like to flee the country. Accepting refugees seems to be too easy way to help them lead happy lives. In order to save everyone there, we must help them build a nice country with a proper government. This is a formidable task! Hmm, this is what you call catch-22 situation?

10:45pm - Anna Nicole Smith
They spend too much time!!!

Second hour; Edge of Disaster: Are you prepared?

Will they ever show us "Planet in Peril" special??

As an Anderson-oriented viewer, when AC was aired from LA studio, I easily get bored because I cannot enjoy a lot of angles of Anderson.

the U.S.


Friday, February 23, 2007


I was really stupid! I have a lot of work, which I found really boring. I put off till today. Still I feel really reluctant. It's 4:00am now! Yikes!

What have you been doing? I attached counter on this blog! I am looking for a way to exclude access from this computer and tried accessing this blog too many times! Still I cannot figure out how to do it.

Anyway, I set up counter today! A slightly new look on this blog. Yay!

Thursday, February 22, 2007


I am astounded to see Anderson in LA studio!!!

AC360 Commentary 02/21/07

Also visit AnderCandor

10:00pm - Dynamic Duo! John King and Kiran Chetry. Let's ask CNN not to let Anderson co host with somebody else, which might be the last idea that CNN would ever have.

10:01pm - War in Iraq

10:05pm - Clinton VS Obama
I like both of them. I hope they won't go insane to make silly blunders like throwing dirt at each other.

John King gets more and more excited about this issue and he became active and confident. I have been always wondering how old JK is. Any idea? I'd say he is 45 years old.

10:14om - Breaking through autism
This is such a bizarre disease and this woman is amazing. I was especially amazed by the remark that she is a bilingual. She uses special movement and gestures to communicate with people with autism. In order to catch attention of somebody, she moved her hands instead of just saying "Hi."

I think I've got a lot to say about this story, but they're going to cover more about her for tomorrow show. I might want to write about it again tomorrow.

10:35pm - Anna Nicole Smith
This time, they focused on the judge.

10:59pm - Jetblue
Ancient slaves might have been brought to the country packed in ships like that. Or even harsher.

11:09pm - Clinton VS Obama

11:15pm - War in Iraq
Ugh! I can hardly watch! At the beginning, I decided to skip this segment! John warned us, but too difficult for me to watch!!

11:25pm - Secrets of the Delta
This is another difficult story to watch. But we've seen this story several times. I wondered why hostages looked so calm. They were forced to stay calm. These are how persons look when confront death.

Pebbles, you are from Philippines. What is your take on this issue?

11:34pm - Sex offender
About that 29-year-old guy who'd been pretending to be a 7th grader. Weird story.
We see an interview with a school official. I am starting to miss studio Anderson.

11:44pm - Incarcerated; a revolving door
One out of eight black men ends up in prison? That's surprising figure.

11:52pm - Finally Anderson from Brazil
I've been waiting so long to watch this! Also I finally got excited to blog for tonight's show! Enjoy my AnderCrazy commentary!

What can he see? (You already know the answer, though.)

Be careful.

Slowly, slowly...

How beautiful! I can say so as long as the spider does not come closer to me.

Jeff is really excited and giving me some instructions. How come this guy enjoys this tarantula?

Do you think I can trust him this time?

Jeff is shaking with excitement? I'm just shaking (because of fear).

It comes closer to me. Yikes!

After a detailed explanation about this spider, I feel little better about spiders. I wish I could take one back to the Dynamic Duo in NY studio!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Leaving Amazon

How mean AC360 was! They really keep us waiting for a long time until we could finally see Anderson! It aired the special edition; Edge of disaster in the middle of the show! Why didn't they start it for the second hour? I usually record the show and watch it later, so it didn't bother me. But some of us can not see the 2nd hour!!

I found the special edition interesting. I have been so ignorant of those thing Maybe I'll watch this again and again later to fully understand it.

Anderson is just about to leave Brazil. Apparently, it is a recorded video, but Anderson started this video saying,"Thanks,John...." and ending the video with,"John, back to you," which I found somewhat funny.

Wow! We can see even darker mark in Jeff's inner arm!

Anderson still has marks on his sexy arm.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Remarkable Anderson

Larry King Live
He said he would be home on Wednesday. Would he appear live from Brazil on Tuesday night? That sounds impossible. But we can expect to see some of the stories he's been covering these days.

1st appearance
He is live via broadband and the quality is not so good. Which would you prefer? Good quality but short appearance or bad quality with a lot of Anderson? He cannot say where he is for a security reason.

2nd appearance -- manatee
I love a man wearing shorts and Anderson does! I've been saying this since I was a high school student and nobody agrees with me. Do you like a man in shorts? As long as Anderson is concerned, everybody must have enjoyed it!

I think I've once heard Anderson describe himself as "a pale, skinny, gray-haired guy with chicken legs." Hmm, that seems to be a perfect description, but still he is really sexy in every way.

"remarkable images from Amazon"

Jeff made me bleed. How mean!

Gosh! I shouldn't have trusted him!! I've sucked a lot of bacteria!

3rd appearance -- Bye, sloth!

I miss this sloth...

I love this facial expression. He really misses and worries about that creature. And this is for Delie&Pebbles! [Farewell to Sloths]

Everyone wants to become that sloth. But come to think of it. Is it clean? I'm afraid it must be pretty stinky and have a lot of tiny insects in that fur. Suppose I were that sloth, I would not care about the strange odor and insects as long as Anderson would hold me. The nice thing is he does not care about dirty creatures. How sweet!!

Monday, February 19, 2007


This is a temporary one to see if I can see pictures. I'll write more about this topic later. [60minutes]

Saturday, February 17, 2007

AC360 Commenrary 02/16/07

I've contributed this commentary for AnderCandor. Please check it out!

10:00pm - Anderson's 1st appearance

Before the show, I was ready to scream again and I did! How cute! Also the "pie-faced tamarind" Anderson has in his hand is so cute! I shouted and shouted. Then my mother, who does't think Anderson is cool, said to me,
“You think this creature is cute just because this ‘old guy’ is holding it, eh?”
Who on the earth the ‘old guy’ is!? Whatever non-Andercrazy person says does not bother me any more. He is dead-sexy.

And look at this! I found his hands and nails beautiful.

Kiran loved that creature, too, saying that it is the cutest thing she has ever seen, NOT YOU.

Anderson wrote on 360BLOG, “Now that Jeff and I are back in a big city, we've realized the dye doesn't come off. Jeff has these big blue bands of ink around each arm; mine are a bit more subtle, but kind of hard to hide.” I was wondering how distinctive Jeff’s marks are.

Oh my goodness! Darker than I'd thought! Isn't it impossible for him to erase them all in two months? It might exist forever..

10:07pm - War in Iraq
I don't think it is not my role to talk about the US politics. I think this is a right movement. Bush administration will come to end soon and they should not pass the quagmire in Iraq to the next administration.

10:19pm - Anna Nicole Smith
I'm kind of fed up with this news. And I imagine all of the loyal AC360 viewers are feeling the same way. These days, Japanese media started to spare more and more time on her death. The story may be more interesting than badly written mystery story.

10:34pm - Anderson's 2nd appearance

I wish I were this sloth!!! This creature looks so rested on Anderson's chest. I'm huge fan of it, the CHEST! I wish I could cling tenaciously to it.

It's so nice & warm.

10:44pm - deal with the devil?

10:51pm - Too Harsh Punishment
2nd time to air this segment. Intercourse with a minor would give that teen a lighter punishment? Hmm, strange law.

10:58pm -invisible chains
The way he appeared from the right side from the screen reminds me of his own website.
It's really nice to see Anderson in his beautiful suit. But I've seen this story before so I'll just stop watching it.

Friday, February 16, 2007


Anderson wears The North Face jacket tonight. Good. I don't have to get as crazy as I was when I saw Tuesday show. Greens behind Anderson is really beautiful. They do not seem to be exposed to any chemicals that human beings have been creating and doing harm on our Mother nature. But we are actually destroying them and that thought make me sick. The earth is to human what human body is to cancer cells.

Anderson took off that jacket for the 2nd appearance! I again became really crazy! I shouted, screamed smiling a huge smile! His chest!!! SO YUMMY! I've always failed to understand ladies going crazy to see a man. I regarded them as an idiot. Now, I am an IDIOT! But who cares? Everyone that visits my blog is just like this!

Sorry, I couldn't concentrate the content again. I'll have to watch it over and over again. Maybe about 10 times??

Wherever he goes, children are really curious to see his camera. And wherever he goes, he has a warm smile to see indigenous children. What an adorable smile!

I don't think that yellow ornament suits Anderson, though.

And this is Pebbles' favorite picture, right?
I'm sure we will be able to see those pictures on AC360 website pretty soon. They are fabulous. I can't wait to DL them all!


I wrote that second hour was "Afghanistan; unfinished war" and that Delie and Pebbles did not miss any Anderson. I'm sorry, I might have lied. His 3rd made his 3rd appearance at 10:59pm(ET) so you might have missed it. That was a reply of the 1st segment. But after that, Anderson talked about the dye on his arms. As usual, I uploaded a movie for you! [YouTube]

Anderson was on screen for about 20 minutes again, but his report was fascinating enough to make me satisfied for at least 24 hours. Besides, he explained the situation on 360BLOG and asks us to understand the problem. What a soothing comment!