Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Anderson pics are always yummy, I got non-yummy caricature.

This is how I got it;
My Canadian collegue Matt went back home for Christmas vacation last month. He got us some chocolates from Canada and he said to me,

Matt: Other than this chocolate, I got something special for you!
Mio : Thanks. ( I was so busy that I just said this at that time.)

A few days later...
Mio : What did you do with the present for me? Did you give that to another person?
Matt: Well, nobody wants it. I think you can guess, but a little clip from a magazine.
Randy(another coworker from Hawaii): Naked Cooper?

Mio : YUMMY! Randy: YUCK!

That clip turned out to be...

Not yummy, eh?

Anyway, I am happy to get something somewhat related to Anderson.


matt said...

Hehe... I am glad you liked the clipping!!! I saw it and had to put it in my suitcase right away! It was from Reader's Digest.

mio_bella said...

Hi, Matt

I do like the clipping, but kimoi...