Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Pleasant Surprise!

I did not expect Anderson to report live today, but he made it!

He has been really hardworking these days, don't you think?? When was the last time that somebody hosted AC360 for Anderson? I do not remember. I take it for granted that Anderson frequently takes holidays. I have even heard certain Japanese Godfather of English-Learning complain about Anderson taking days off too often. I admit that I get devastated when I cannot see AC in his program, but now that I am a little bit worried. He should take some break! Nobody would complain about it next time. Anderson's gimmick?

Now about the show.
It covered stories that shared one big theme; death.
1) Death of one out of 3,000 American soldiers in Iraq
2) Speaking of Iraq, hanging of Sadam Hussein
3) Speaking of President, the funeral of the former president

I was pretty much impressed by the former president's children's heartwarming greeting at the funeral.
Also, Hussein's daughter is beautiful and strong and she seems highly respected in Jordan.

For children, those two presidents must have been great fathers. It's too bad that something led one of them in the wrong direction.


Delie said...

I completely agree with you! Anderson should take a break. He really deserves and needs it. I could survive to an Anderless week if I know he would come back happy and rested! I may be wrong but I think the tonight's show is a taped one with Tom Foreman... Wait and see. Maybe his vacation will begin tonight.

mio_bella said...

For this day, Anderson reported live for the first one hour and the second half was the taped one,the part that you may have watched.

In France, you can see one hour? Here in Japan, we can have two-hour AC360 and sometimes, they air recorded one again a few hours later. So sometimes, we have chance to watch 3 hours of AC360 a day!

I guess there are so many Anderson-Crazy staff in CNNj(Japan).

Delie said...

Now, I know where goes the second hour of AC 360 we should have in France: to Japan! :-)! 3 hours? You sometimes get an extra hour!
You're so lucky!

AndysGirl said...

Hehe, in Us we have 2 hours of Live Anderson Cooper 360 at 10:00PM eastern time, then we have those 2 hours on tape from 1:00AM to 3:00 Am and then the first hour of taped Anderson is repeated again at 5:00 AM! *sigh* (smiles from ear to ear)5 hours of yummy!

Of course I dont' watch all of them! (just the first 4) hehehe(more giggles)

Great blog, keep it up!