Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pillow Angel

This pic looks okay, but I found his makeup a little too much today.

Pillow Angel segment
At first, I liked the parents' decision. The girl's brain will never grow no more older than 6 years and she won't be able to move, so it might be better for caregivers to keep the kid from growing.

As the talk between Anderson and Sanjay went on, I changed my idea and decided that it was competely wrong. What purpose do the parents have in taking care of the child? Not to allow a person to develop equals to denying the child's existance, isn't it? Seeing a child grow is the most wonderful thing in raising and taking care of kids, isn't it?
I'm a little ashamed to do this thing, but another Anderson tie? I think I saw this tie before, but now it seems he's got three blue ties, doesn't he?

Pale Blue

Dark Blue

turquoise blue

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