Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I found him quite sexy! If I should have the right to vote, I might want to vote for him. He is attractive and thanks to today's show, we know more about him. Expecially, here in Japan, I think very few people know about him.

When I heard that he might run for the 2008 Presidential election, I was a little surprised because he seems very young, in later introducing report, it was said that he is 45 years old. Young?? Anyway, just then I heard Anderson say that he might become the first African American president. Gee! I never thought about that! Maybe because I have seen 24?

I wrote about Obama, but who can attract me more than dead sexy Anderson!?

It seemed to me that he was wearing a new pale purple shirt. In this picture, it looks white, though.

I liked the latest Katrina surviver segment a lot. At the end of the report, the baby's name Noah was announced, which made me smile. At the same time, I could feel Anderson's warm hearted feeling. I guess everybody who were watching the show shared the same feeling.

He often says "Yikes!" these days and the way he says is sooooo cute!

AC Yikes moment;
  • Ms. France turning out to be "Mr. France"

"If there's a problem, it would have been detected in the bathing suit fitting!"

"... well.... YIKES!"

  • after seeing a violent guy hitting a huge flared snowman
  • when asked to run New Year Marathon next year
  • a dolphin saved by the world's tallest man
  • after so many other SHOT corners!


mio_bella said...


Today's AC pic was too similar to yesterday's!

Jan said...

Mio bella--I thought his shirt looked lavendar, but after seeing this picture, not so sure. Either way he looked mighty fine.

I like it when he says "yikes" also. Did you notice he said "yee Haw" last night? I think that is cute, also especially if it has something to do with the "shot" of the day.

Keep up the good work on the blog.

Tex said...


mio_bella said...

Hi, jan

The shirt did look lavendar to me on my screen. Too bad we cannot see the color in this picture.

Of course I noticed his "yee haw" moment! He is serious most of the time. So when he was sort of relieved of the tension, he looks even more attractive.

Delie said...

Hi Mio,
The "Yee haw" of yesterday was great! And "Yikes" is now an English word I daily introduce into my French. We use so many English words, why not this one?

The shirt looked like a very pale lavendar to me. Sometimes almost white... Strange!

mio_bella said...

Hi, delie

We use a lot of English words in Japan,too. I try saying "Yikes!" in my daily conversation.

Speaking of foreign language, I hear Japanese word "kawaii" is now used in France. Is that true??

Delie said...

Oh yes ! Kawaii is used in France to say "cute". I think it comes from the mangas-mania! French love to read mangas and watch japanese animations. There is also a TV show called "Kawai" on a cable channel for teenage girls.

Is "Kawaii" available for Anderson? Can we say that he is "kawaii"?

mio_bella said...

For me, I always say to Anderson, "Kawaii" through my screen. He looks so cute, charming and lovely even though he always fixes intellectual frown on his face and he is a lot older.