Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New Camera Angles

As I am not an American, I am not so much interested in American politics. So, I was not fascinated with today's coverage most of the time. There's no point writing about this issue. But I hope for a woman leader. I don't think a woman likes to fight and kill many people, and I think that she cares about conservation, and that she will be kind to poor people. For so many years, men have had huge political power and the world will never be a peaceful one. Why don't you let a woman lead the world?

I found a lot of shots of Anderson from different angles.
Did you ever see a shot from behind the desk?

Also, the way of beginning the second half was a sort of new to me. He was standing on the right side of the screen, and we see slightly bigger image of Anderson. I was a little startled, and so did Anderson! Again, I upload the movie on YouTube. This might not be funny at all, but to me, it WAS, because I moved my body exactly the same way and at the same time as Andy.


Delie said...

Hey Mio,

I got a very close-up of Anderson on the right side too but at the beginning of the first hour. A little closer than yours! I was very surprised! I liked it. Maybe there's a new director for AC 360°.
Tongight is a great night: 2 hours of AC 360 on CNN Inter. Europe! Yeah! The whole show :-)!

Jan said...

Mio--I noitced the close up last night at the beginning of the show. It was almost like the camera man was to close to him, but boy it was a great close up shot. Didn't notice it the rest of the time.

You said that you are pulling for the woman candidate. Do you know that she is the wife of our former President? We will have to see how she fairs in the campaign,

mio_bella said...

Hi, delie.

Yeah! You're right! We can see closer look at Anderson at at the beginning of the first hour! Did you notice that I changed the picture for this article?

Enjoy extra time with Anderson!

mio_bella said...

Hi, Jan

Of course, I know that Hillary is the wife of the former president Bill Clinton. That's why she is called(?) "Billary," right? Or they are talking about the astronomical amount of money that will be spent during the election campaign?

Delie said...

Nice screen cap of the "closer" close-up shot, Mio :-)!
My extra Andertime was shorter than expected :-(! Like all the viewers, I got Bush and then Wolf Blitzer during the first 30 minutes. But the 1 hour and half AC 360° was very interesting.