Friday, January 26, 2007

Living with Pandas

I never liked the way William Hung sings and his "She Bangs" became quickly an ear bug and even after 15hours later, I vividly remember his voice! Anderson is right. We did need earplugs!

Thank God Anderson does not have to listen to Will sing during his show!

Gary Tuchman's report from a sewage! After the report, Anderson asked him if he had taken a bath, that was so cute. He is really caring.

Living Longer
In a casual chat with my friend the other day, we were talking about our sleeping habits. At that time, I said,
"I sleep for 3hours or 4.5hours but once or twice a week, I sleep for 7 or 8 hours. After such a long period of sleep, I feel very dizzy and have a headache."
And here's what she said to me,
"I heard that the total amount of time you can be active is decided. You are consuming so much time awake, so you'll die pretty soon!"
She was drunk but I was not at all offended.

So when Dan mentioned how our sleep affects our life expectancy, I was all ears. He said 7-hour sleep is the best. He also said that Anderson is sleeping for 3 hours, and that Anderson's watching TV in a airconditioned room is bad.

From what I learned from the previous chat and the story from this Blue Zones guy, it is assumed that Anderson will not live long. Do you buy it!? Anderson was in his polite manners during his interview but I think he was skeptical about his survey. I am also skeptical but at least Dan's story kept me from eating snacks or sweets at this hour.

As I wrote just after the show, I emailed AC360 about the SHOT. Actually, I sent email to that Japanese TV show! I didn't get any response from AC360. Now I am looking forward to their reponse.
He may be reading my email!? --->

Too much emphasis on his name! We all know your name!

P.S. I forgot to upload a cute moment. I did just now. Please check this out!(Here)


Delie said...

Thanks, Mio, for adding the videos. He has a cute funny expression on the second airing of The Shot. And for the pen! How did you notice that?
I just did the Blue Zones test. Ouh, I lost one year...but I can gain 19 more if I change my habits. I didn't need to do that test to know what I have to change. So obvious! I have to fix my sleeping problems. Not so easy...

mio_bella said...

I just now took the test, too. I gained 11 year and according to their culculation, I would be living till 92 years old. As you said, I'd already known what habits to change to lead a healthy life!