Tuesday, January 16, 2007


We heard a lot of stories about kidnapping. I was pretty startled by the facial expression of Shawn, the kidnapped boy. He seemed extremely OK. It is one's surroundings that decide people's personalities. He was completely brainwashed and has adapted to the environment. I bet it would again take him a lot of time to be able to lead a "normal" life again, but I hope his parents, friends and relatives would help him get on his feet.

As I live in Japan, those stories reminded me of two of abduction incidents that we had in the past and that we are having now.
  1. In tonight's show, there was a story of a girl abducted when she was 14 years old and released after 10 years' of captivity. We had a similar case here in Japan. As far as I can recall, she was kidnapped when she was 9 years old. A stranger kidnapped her in his room. He lived with his parents but his parents never noticed that he had been keeping a girl. The girl was not allowed to get out of the room. She got food from him, she couldn't take a bath and she couldn't even go to bathroom. The girl went through puberty in a very small room bounded by a weird guy. In this case, she had been constantly looking for every single chance to get out of the tiny room. I wonder how she is leading her life after she was released.
  2. A lot of Japanese people have been abducted by North Korean agents. NK announced that they had solved this problem, but what they revealed was far from satisfactory and Tokyo has still demanding the truth. Some of them were released and now leading rather normal lives here in Japan. But at first, they were completely brainwashed. They believed they had been happy there.

Having a narrow mind is sometimes a horryfying thing, for both individuals and countries. I again appreciate having an access to such a great news program full of views from around the world.

I liked today's SHOT! That was the only hillarious moment and I couldn't stop laughing. Poor donkey! He was forced to carry too heavy cargo and he went up in the air.

In the U.S., Monday was Martin Luther King Day. I have seen a lot of English teaching materials on him. So I was pretty surprised to know that he might have not included one of the most famous phrases, "I have a Dream!" Next time I have to tell my students about him, I would definitely talk about the information that I've just got.

As I said just before tonight's show started, Anderson makes me ecstatic after one-day-longer Anderless weekend.


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