Friday, January 12, 2007


As Anderson says, it is hard to believe that was not the image one year ago but the image today. Tonight's stories cover a lot from various angles; piles of debris, surging crimes (including a murder of a photographer), interview with the mayor, angry New Orleans residents, a 83-year-old man rebuilding his own house and so on. At first, I felt as if I were watching non-fiction stories, but there are so many people suffering this situation and so many lives are at stake.

Speaking of rebuilding a house, we saw a man rebuilding his house alone when Anderson had an interview with the three comics the other day. Is that the same man? While I was wondering that, I saw "COMIC RELIEF" badge on the cap of the 83-year-old man. Just before he left, Anderson help him unplug the mic. That was the only moment that brought us a warm smile during this show.

Recently, one of my friends, whom I got acquaited with through this blog, sent me a report she wrote when she went to certain TV show taping last September. In the report, I learned that AC360 staff had asked Mr. Nagin to appear in the show several times, but he had refused to do so at the 11th hour. But he finally made it. He answered many questions from one of the most furious persons about the quagmire.

Anderson is said to be more powerful than a bulldozer, but sometimes, he looks tiny.

I found that in yesterday's show as well.

Just before the show came to an end, a breaking news rolled in! That was far from a happy news, but I have to admit that I got excited. Usually as soon as AC360 finishes, CNNj airs a program from CNN international. Thanks to the blast in Athen, that program was interrupted by CNN U.S., in which, of course, Anderson was reading the news. What a pleasant surprise for non U.S. viewers!


Delie said...

Hi Mio,
Well, now, you make me jealous once again with your two hours of Anderson and a bonus with him reading the breaking news! I got only one hour yesterday. I'm fed up with this European schedule!

Thanks to CNN pipeline, I could watch the Herbert Gettridge's interview. Very touching man, very moving story. This video is also available on the AC360 blog but they cut before Anderson helped to unplug the mic.

Tiny Anderson but lovely Anderson...

Jan said...

Hi Mio, I thought you had quit blogging. I had you on my favorites, but it always popped up the one from "Dictator" day and then you popped up on the google alerts and I see that you had posted all week, so today I got caught up last weeks post. Very good and observant. Was disapointed that he wasn't on last night, but not surprised, he has been working a lot latley. Wonder if he is off on a Andervaction?


mio_bella said...

I'm so happy you could come back! And you posted your comment 5 minutes earlier from now! What a surprise!

Many Anderholic viewers must have been disappointed to see John Roberts for AC360. But I was pretty happy about that. I've really wanted Anderson to take some rest. He has been doing excellent job these days. I record AC360 every day and there are great shows that I would love to watch over and over again. This time, I think I will be able to survive Anderless nights.

mio_bella said...

Hi, delie.

I'm sorry. I should have answered you first!

I'm sorry you can only see half of the show. I also turn to Video and sometimes, YouTube. When Anderson is cute enough to let many people watch, some Anderfan would post videos. I wish I could post some videos for you. I'll find the way!

mio_bella said...

Delie, I posted that moment of Anderson helping the man unplug his MIC. The quality is not so good, and it might not be so funny, but I hope you'll enjoy it!

Delie said...

Hi Mio,
You're so kind! Merci beaucoup. Thanks a lot! It's great. It's a nice moment with some Andergiggles. Both are adorable and funny. It's priceless, most of all, during Anderless days.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mio I just found your blog today.
Anderson has been trying to interview Nagin since his 6 weeks in NOLA after Katrina, but Nagin did dodge him forever. But I really think Anderson wuld get more out of the people on the City Council in New Orleans - I've met some of them and they are great. As for Anderson being short he's 5'10", but very lean. I met him last summer in NOLA and he reminded me of a young kid, he is truly all boy.