Friday, January 19, 2007

Incredibly Strong Woman

Recently AC360 is covering a lot of stories about missing kids. On one side, people are celebrating their kid's coming back home. But still, there are parents suffering from loss of their kids. Shawn's case is giving them hope, but it is painful for me to listen to the mother's message. She is now living with her teenage grandkids. At the same time, she is waiting for her "teenage" son. He asked her to prepare some sausage before he left home and then vanishsed. When I heard that she still keeps the sausage in the freezer, I almost cried. I really hope this program would be a great help in getting her son back to her and that they will have a party.

As Anderson said, she was an incredibly strong woman.

They also covered a story about a mother doting on her son. It was an apalling story about 9-year-old son's travel. He knew how to stole and drive a car and how to fly without airline tickets nor money. Nobody can imagine this could even possible. He might be a genius, but is that what his mother could say?? She should be ashamed, but on the contrary. She seemed to be very proud of her son committing crimes.

I liked Dr. Sanjay Gupta's "FIT or FAT" segment. I am one of the persons who decided to lose weight as a part of New Year's resolution. I learned a lot to stay fit. I should not eat ice cream every day. That makes me sad.

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