Thursday, January 04, 2007

I nearly missed today's program!

My busy period started today. I am working from 7:30 to 19:30! ( I am an English teacher at a small private English conversation school.)

In Japan, AC 360 starts at 12:00p.m., so I have to turn my PC on for recording before I leave for work. At about 12:00, I was teaching in my class. I caught a glimpse of the clock. I remembered something.

I forgot to turn on my PC!

I couldn't stay calm in my class!

A few hours later, I checked AC360 transcript and found that Anderson reported for today's show, and that CNNj was going to air the program again. I stole a little moment and called my mom asking to turn on my PC. Phew! I barely made it!

I liked today's show. Here's a very quick review of some of the stories that interested me.

Interview with Al-rubaie
I know every interview Anderson does is brilliant, but today's one was excellent. It seemed that AC didn't like capital punishment, and he was trying to figure out how people were feeling about Hussein hanging and that cellphone video of Hussein's last minutes. (Speaking of this issue, I watched Jeanne Moos's "Hussein hanging: To look or not?" via video, and found it interesting. Without doubt, I am the one that decided not to look.)

Subway Hero
I was moved to hear this man's courageous act. At the end of the report, he said, "life is worth saving," which made me smile a warm smile, and so did to Anderson. I believe that was the very moment that every viewer from all around the world shared the same warm hearted feeling.

Seaman Ship Commercial
As a Japanese, I got more and more ashamed when shown that video. Don't show us again and again! That song has gotten my ear worm!! But I enjoyed Anderson having a good time watching that CM. Then I shouldn't have posted these pictures? Too weird!!


Delie said...

Hey Mio,
I'm glad you didn't missed yesterday's show. It was a great one. I was very touched by the Subway hero. Incredible story!
Oh! And the Seaman Ship! It was a first for me. Funny!
Anderson looked so gorgeous yesterday. I was so mesmerized. More than usual! Don't know why...

Chin up, Mio Bella, for your very busy period! I sometimes have this kind of very very long working day, around 14 hours, during weeks... Some French? Just one word: courage !

AndysGirl said...

Hey Mio - glad you didn't miss yesterday's show.

Anderson smiles so sweetly when he watches that Seamanship video. Why are you ashamed? I don't think you should be ashamed. After all, it brings a sweet smile to Anderson's face!

mio_bella said...

Hi, delie,

Anderson is always gorgeous, but especially when the content of the show is excellent, he gets even sexier! And for Thursdays's show, he was reporting live from outside the usual studio. He became even more sophisticated outside.

mio_bella said...

Welcome back, andysgirl!

You're right. That odd CM makes Anderson smile, and that makes us happy! Should I be proud of that CM that brings him smile? But I think they have an English error. Doesn't "Seaman Ship" sound strange??

Anyway, I got interested in that CM and searched for more information;

It was broadcasted at a big screen in the busiest area in Tokyo about 3 years ago to promote Marine Self- Defence Force. To make that commercial, they spent a little more than $60,000!

What a waste!

mn said...

Anderson LOVES "Seamanship". He's been showing it for as long as I can remember, he really gets a kick out of it and it's a legendary part of 360 now! I think it's a great commercial, very unique and I always enjoy seeing it. I've been reading this blog for a while, it's very good.

mio_bella said...

Welcome to my blog, mn!

I know of other SHOTs from Japan that Anderson loves. Among that, "seaman ship" is obviously the most hillarious to him.

Actually, I have an idea that he would definitely love. I'm looking for it and when I find the exact video, I have to let the producer know!

mn said...

I have to let the producer know!

You really should, because he seems to love Japanese television. He showed a clip of a game show where there were lizards and pork chops terrorizing some girls. This was also from Japan. He's also shown a Japanese "potty training" cartoon, which was rather shocking to see on tv!

Thanks for your welcome to me!