Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Watching the show, I felt as if I were in New York! Would I like to go to that place? Yuck! As Anderson says, I'd better watch it on TV, of course CNN! Times Square seems to be the worst place to go on New Year's Eve unless we live there.

I thought Anderson had once worn this dark blue tie with dots. But after I got mail from another Andermaniac friend saying,"he was wearing a new tie," I checked the picture of the day when he was wearing darkbluetie with dots.

Very similar, but it seems my friend was right. That was a new tie!


Delie said...

Happy New Year Mio Bella! Best wishes for 2007 and lots of "yummy" AC pics.

mio_bella said...

Welcome back, delie.
Did you enjoy your vacation? I just stayed home watching AC360 and the LIVE. Sounds like a perfect way to spend holidays, huh?

Delie said...

I had a great vacation...the three fist days! And after, I missed CNN and Anderson too much. I know, I should be ashamed to say that!

mio_bella said...

Do not feel ashamed, delie. I think you were spending your time doing more exciting and interesting things than watching a news news program!

AndysGirl said...

Happy New Year Mio Bella. I enjoy your blog and check it out all the time.

Thanks for the yummy Anderson pics