Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Girls' bright future burns our eyes.

I have been waiting to see tonight's AC360! Last week, we saw Anderson talk to Oprah a little bit, but at that time I decided not to blog about that because I thought I would have a lot to blog about. And now I really do.

Living in Japan, I do not know a lot about Oprah Winfrey. All I knew was that she is the most famous and powerful talk show host, which I have never seen. I didn't know that she was very poor in her childhood nor how generous she has been after she became a multibillionair celebrity. I was amazed to see her give a new car to each of the audience to her show.

I was moved by so many of Oprah's words. Here are some of the words;

a) She was born to build this school.
We could tell how important this project is to Oprah. She has worked and garnered popularity so that she can make a big change in Africa's terrible situation. As Anderson said, Africa's people are suffering from such trafic lives that solutions seems to be out of reach. Her school is a big hope for African people and this would definitely act as a catalyst for a change in all over Africa.

b) Their story is my story.
I think most people see African poor people in a sympathetic eye (Is this collocation right??). But she sees each individual so carefully and respects everybody. And continue to the next line;

c) Now I know why I do not have any kids. I have so many here!
What a pain-relieving word to many kids that had their parents die of AIDS. The girls' rejoicing made me cry again, and continue to the next line;

d) Their future is so bright it burns my eye.
Anderson loved this phrase, too. But this is the greatest words that Oprah herself got and that Oprah is using to describe her girls. This description is perfect. Girls' eyes were full of hope and did burn my eyes, too. Who would not be touched to see them?

These days, AC360 has a lot of stories that "touches World's(not only America's) heart."

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