Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ever seen Anderson in his bathing suit?

This is the casual chat with my coworker Matt.

Matt: How was Anderson today?
Mio : Oh, somehow he looked really cool today!!
Matt: Did he appear in his bathing suit?

Here's another chat with another coworker last month. Matt was not there at that time.

Mio : Take a look at my to-do list! (I printed a big Anderson picture with it.)
Ms.Yano: This is for December, he's wearing a sweater. In summer, you will print his picture with his barhing suit!

Speaking of bathing suit, there sure was a chance for him to wear his bathing suit. In the rehab center, they've got a surfing pool. He should have tried surfing there!
But why do two of them expect Anderson to wear his bathing suit!? I have never seen it. Does anybody have it?? If you do, please send me!


ME Ellee said...

Sorry, Mio there's no bathing suit picture. But there is one in his shorts when he was in the tanning shower. Look for it on YouTube.

mio_bella said...

You're right! I've seen it. But I'm afraid that image is not worth carrying with me all the time... What do you think?

ME Ellee said...

Well, aaaaaaa, maybe not. I like a suit better.

mio_bella said...

I totally agree with you, me ellee!