Thursday, January 11, 2007

Disappointed look

He was in live again from Washington and tomorrow, he will be live in New Orleans!? How hardworking he has been!

He looked disappointed all through the show. Everybody knows he has seen more than enough deaths and casualties. I could feel how sad Anderson was when he said that what the president assumes would happen to American troops under his new plan is a world away from the streets of Baghdad. Sending more troop means seeing more deaths, which would please nobody.
I am ignorant of this issue, but tonight show gave me a lot of answers to my whys. No matter which direction the U.S. would head for, I know that Japan would follow and support America.
By the way, I liked today's suit and tie. That combo is rahter new to me and looked really nice. He does have a good fashion sense.


AndysGirl said...

Enjoy your blog. It was nice what you said about Japan will follow where we lead. For that reason, I hopewe are headed in the right direction.

It was nice to hear that you liked Anderson's suit, many people didn't. I have a question though, did the suit look brown to you or black. On my television, it was strange because sometimes it looked brown and other times black. But then, Anderson looks good in everything or...well, I will quit there.

great blog

Delie said...

Hey Mio...and AndysGirl!

The suit was brown for me. I like it too. But it's very strange because this brown suit (specially with this shirt and tie) reminds me one of my high school's English teacher. British style... Could you imagine having someone like Anderson as teacher?

Exceptionnally, I got the 2 hours of this AC 360. I think CNN UK was very interested in the new Bush's strategy plan. So they didn't cut this time after the first hour! If only they could do this more often!

mio_bella said...

Hi, andysgirl!

The jacket was brown or khaki to me. I'd now say it was just a jacket, not a suit. I wasn't in time for the show on this day, when I turned on TV, I saw Anderson's pants. The color was a little different. Then I read someone blogged about his clothes and she said he was wearing jeans! I thought so because the way he put his hands in his pockets was different from when he was wearing a suit. Am I being overcurious?

mio_bella said...

Hi, delie

Thank you for leaving comments often. And andygirl,too. Now I am posting blogs not only for me but for you two!

You were lucky to be able to watch full AC360! Anderson is becoming more and more popular worldwide and eventually CNN UK would like to broadcast more AC program in Europe!

I am sereously looking forward to having ACTV, as Kelly Ripa once said, 24-hour Anderson Cooper programs!