Monday, January 01, 2007

December 26 to 29

December 26th

Of course, this is a pic from New Year's Eve for 2006. Now that I've seem this year's show, I can see a slight difference. He has the mic from his left side in this picture, but from his right side this year. But the coat and the shirt were the same?

Of course, I've known James Brown, but I have never cared about his songs. Thanks to this program, I am getting interested in his music. Sometimes people get interested in certain persons after obetuaries.

Now that I know how hardworking he used to be. He was planning live on New Year's eve, just as he did last year, and starting concert tour in Canada at the beginning of January. Too bad he passed away. This hardesworking musician could think about his work all through his life, which must be pretty tiring. I read that he sighed three times before his heart stopped beating.

I'm hitting iTunes to get some of his music.

December 27th

Paying homage to the former president Gerald Ford. I have to admit that I wasn't concentrating on the program that night. I am not so much interested as James Brown (Do I sound stupid?)

All I am interested is, of course, Anderson Cooper. I don't think the combination above (striped jacket and dotted red tie) was not so attractive enough to kill me.

Considering Anderson and the content, I did not like this day's program personally.

December 28th

It's a very profound angle to cover the story of "hanging Saddam." They wanted to know what hanging will feel like? Yuck! But as show went on, I found myself getting more and more curious. Ugh. After that segment was over, I was relieved to see this anchor's handsome figure.

Battle 3? AC is again talking about that battle, but this time, Anderson was talking directly to Trump on the phone. Sometimes, I thought Anderson bold! He quated Rosie's "pimp poem" or every nasty remarks she'd made. They were mean enough to make Donald mad, but the more Donald talked, the less and less I liked him. What he said was no more than childish blasphemy.

December 29

It was really nice to see serious and careful Anderson all throught the show. He seemed pretty nervous not to give audience wrong impressions on Hussein having been executed.

↓See the picture below.

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