Friday, January 26, 2007


In the first THE SHOT, we saw a woman living with pandas. I did watch the TV show a coulpe of months ago. Anderson asked about the show. It is my role to give him information about Japanese TV! I emailed AC360 on the spot with the link of the TV show.

At the very end ofthe show, Anderson showed us the same movie again! He said that he got a lot of emails from audience. Oh, no! Not only from me!!! Anyway, I so much expected my email to be read, but never!!!

I will send him email, or answer for 360BLOG so that my name might someday be read by him. This is my dream and goal of my fascination for Anderson Cooper!

p.s. I wrote that the movie was about an experiment on whether you can live with pandas. Other than that, the TV program has made experiment with lions, ostrich, kangaroos and so on. Can you imagine sleeping with a hippo!? This is a really funny TV program.


Delie said...

Bonjour Mio,
Anderson really loves Asian TV programs! I laughed a lot this morning when I saw the pandas and his comments about the naughty one.
Sorry for you that you're not the only one who sent him an e-mail about that. Are there so many Anderfans in Japan? Don't give up your dream! I don't have such a dream or goal. Not yet! I'm a very wise Anderfan...

mio_bella said...

I'm not so sure how many Anderson fans there are in Japan, but I do have some friends with whom I can share our love with him. How about in France? Is he popular?

Delie said...

Anderson, popular in France? Wow! He is completely unknown! I have nobody here to share my Anderlove... I can sometimes talk about him with my best friend or my close colleagues but they're no fan at all. They do not care. They just pity me!

mio_bella said...

Same here! Actually, he's completely unknown around me in my real life. But I too often talk about him with my friends, coworkers and students, so now, everyone around me knows him!

I made some Andercrazy friends via the internet, just the same way we are keeping in touch on this blog.

Pati Mc said...

Mio and Delie,

You two sure are something. I am so thrilled to meet such lovely Anderfans from around the world. You both live in wonderful places that I have always wanted to visit.

I am amazed that we can meet and be friends from so far away...all through our admiration for Anderson! He would be pleased, I feel certain.

And just so you do not feel left out; Anderson is popular here in the USA of course, but still, people do not know who he is (they are not CNN addicts like myself) and I cannot talk about him that much with others either. That is why the internet is fantastic.

Happy to count you as friends! We can talk about him all we want here. I was fortunate to meet him back in June. He is so sweet and shy and very fun to talk to. I went to his book signing at the offices of CNN in New York City. I even saw his office (from a distance). It was a great day. And he is much more handsome in person. Honestly! =) We also met his mother, who is also famous here in the US. She was lovely as well.

All The Best to you both. Mio, I love your site very much! You find the best shots of Anderson.

mio_bella said...

WOW! I really envy you, pati! I wish I could meet him in person. I'm sure I would either pass out or go crazy!

I am "talking" with my friends (delie, andygirl, pebbles, LB, candy, andie C, xtina, "anonymous persons" and you!) every time AC360 is aired. Now, I feel as if you are all my real friends who are really close to me. Internet is really a fascinating place to be!