Tuesday, January 23, 2007

CNN Pipeline 2

The last time CNN offered free trial of pipeline, I spent hours and hours on it. This time, I was wise enough not to spend too long. Here's some pics from New Year's Eve Live. But this time, we could see it behind the scene. You do not have to subscribe pipeline. This is a movie from podcast, so you can download and enjoy it whenever you want!

Just after 0:00am, Anderson did not appear on the screen and I had to wait for him a little while. Now I know what he was doing. He and staff members were congratulating the New Year with some drinks!

By the end of the live, he seemed excited but tired out. He left the venue at 1:05am and went back home to sleep.


Delie said...

I saw this video a few days ago on CNN Pipeline. I love all "Behind the scene" videos. I'm very interested in TV production.
I was so surprised when Anderson told that he was about to go back home at 1 a.m. Wow! No NYE's party for him? Not a drink with some friends? Too tired? Oh poor Anderson!I can't believe it!

mio_bella said...

I heard in the radio interview that Anderson wants to take part in that Times Square Live so that he can cancel New Year's parties of his own. He often says he has always hated New Year's Eve.

I think spending the day working way after midnight is the best way for him.

Anonymous said...

In his book "Dispatches From the Edge" he says and I quote, "I began volunteering to work on New Year's Eve as a way to avoid having to do something social." So that's the reason why he was already headed home at 1am. He also mentions in the book that he always hated New Year's Eve, as what Mio has stated above.


Delie said...

Thanks Mio and Pebbles.
I've read that too in "Dispatches..." and his article from Details Magazine. I just thought that for once, he could just relax and enjoy a little the New Year's Eve. He could have changed his mind about this.