Thursday, January 25, 2007

Children Mirror the World

Invisible Chains: Sex, Work and Slavery
They covered a number of painful stories on Wednesday show.

Atlanta; ground zero for child prostitution.
Again, there are many missing children. But this time, for the purpose of prostitution. It is hard to believe this is what is happening right now in the most developed country. However the bigger the nation becomes, the more crimes we tend to see, which is really sad. It's time to go back to the good old days?

Cambodia; slavery, AIDS, sold by their parents, mere 5-year-old children, only $10
People from outside can see how terrible situations girls there are suffering from. It was really sad that the girl the NYT writer released soon become a prostitute again. I wonder if they know this or not, but they are missing chances to lead normal healthy lives.

Thailand; slave labor
I once heard that rich people, often from abroad, should hire local people to so that they can contribute to

Uganda; enslaved by a rebel army
I heard a horrible story. They force their boys to cook and eat human? I could never imagine that.

the Dominican Republic; sugar slavery
The same report as aired a couple of weeks ago. It once reminded me of buying Fair Trade products.

This is a silly side of this blog.
Wasn't he even closer than yesterday?

Anderson's face was constantly serious, but I did catch his smile! He laughed a little bit in a talk between Michael and I had a hard time understanding why he laughed.


Pati Mc said...

Hi Mio!

Anderson laughed because Michael was so upset by the wrong info that our President and politicans are giving about the situation in Iraq. Anderson would go to ask a question and Michael was so frustrated by the erroneous info that he kept interrupting Anderson to state that those facts were dead wrong.

He was not upset with Anderson, but with the stupid things that Washington is saying. Anderson was amused by the fact the Michael just wanted to get the truth out there. They sure are good guys!

Hope this helps =) Wish me luck tonight. I just got home from a business trip and I am tired. I hope I can stay awake through all of Anderson's show! LOL! I know that once I see his smiling face, I will be fine! =)

mio_bella said...

My comment looks really terrible for this day! I was actually dozing off when I was writing this.

@pati mc - You must be tired after your business trip. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and giving me the information. I will watch the interview again later.

Micheal Ware was really lovely. I did notice how frustrated he was about the government. The way he talks and the English he uses are so cute!

I wish Anderson will be sexy enough to stay you awake till the end of the show. I'm looking forward to reading your commentary for tonight's show!

Delie said...

Hi Mio,
I'm a huge fan of Michael Ware! He is so kawaii too but in a different way of Anderson.
I didn't understand why Anderson laughed too. I had to read the transcript to get it. The CNN transcripts web pages are very helpful for me...

mio_bella said...

It seems Michael are garnering popularity. I, too, like him a lot, although I would never have a crush on him.