Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Presidential Speech

Anderson seemed constantly serious, cautious, intelligent and sexy!

I know how important State of the Union is, and there were some parts that I got interested in. So many people have already blogged about the speech and I don't think my comments will be interesting for anyone else to hear. So I'm goint to write something different.

In my school, there's a lesson for adult learners. I also participate in the class. Here is an asssignment from the previous lesson; Go to YouTube, find a movie that you find interesting and describe it.

Here's the movie one of the participants describe;
George W. Bush's Speech Writer

I watched the movie the night before the "real" presidential speech. Sometimes, I laughed during the speech, being reminded that movie. Didn't Bush sometimes looked around while the audience were giving standing ovation? He looked apalled as if he had been the only one who could not understand what he was talking about.


AndysGirl said...

Hey Mio

I love that picture of Anderson that you put at the beginning your blog today. He looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

Anderson looked really handsome last night in his all-blue suit. I'm sure I'm not alone on this. I think that's going to be my favorite look for him.


mio_bella said...

He sure were handsome on that day. I usually take so many pictures to catch a nice moment, but for this show, I took only one time and got that right!
I like all-blue suit of his, too. But I would have chosen dark blue tie, instead of dotted blue, for that combination.