Monday, January 15, 2007

Anderless AC360

Monday show is about t start and I am writing about Friday's show now. Anderson's absence is not my excuse for not watching AC360 but a sort of excuse for not posting review quickly.

Apart from Anderson's holiday, I liked the show a lot.

A huge amount of pension to convicted former congressmen;
We havee similar problems here in Japan and I could understand fully how frustrated tax payers are. Usually, I am not interested so much in American politics, but I enjoyed watching that segment.

Airforce bunny;
I support her 100%. She looks very strict but at the same time, she is attractive. My stereotype for a female trainer for army is a robust, stubborn, trying to be treated like a man ... that kind of a person. She does have that kind of personality, but she is too beautiful to hide her sexual attraction.

Lance Armstrong;
In the U.S. or outside Japan, I am sometimes amazed by celebrities having such a big movement to improve society. The more famous a person is, the bigger impact he or she can make.
Also, Anderson has been changing people's mind in every field. As for me, since I began watching his program, I pay attention to much more global issues.

A Lion and a Woman
The most sincere hug that she has ever had? I could tell that easily. What a nice shot! I wish Anderson would have watched that clip with us.

Mission Accomplished!
See? I WAS watching AC360 even when AC was off.

It is 15 minutes before AC360 and he has just appeared! Yay! He's got a new blue checkered shirt and looks even more attractive after three-day holiday!

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