Saturday, January 27, 2007

AC360 Commentary 01/26/ 07

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9:40pm - Preview of AC360
Turn on TV to check if Anderson will appear for tonight's AC360. Larry has a strong nasal voice. Oh, no! John King is hosting tonight's show!? SOOO distressed!

10:01pm - Targeting Iran
I know I am too naive, but I still cannot see Iran as a potential threat. America wants to start war with Iran? It seems to me that all Bush wants to do to divert blunder is war and space projects.

10:16pm - Anderson talking one on one with Micheal Ware
I did not expect to see Anderson today, so I got even more excited to see him!
Every time Micheal reported from Baghdad, he seemed so desperate to live. Now I could tell how chaotic the situation in Iraq is. I read that Anderson said a couple of months ago that he would be going to Iraq again soon, which has not be done so far. I guess CNN producers kept him from going. Did Micheal's story make him want to go? "Normal persons" wouldn't go, as I quote from his book, but Anderson might want to go although I hope not to risk his life.

10:32pm - Unfair Law
I am a bit surprised that that kind of act is worse than actual intercourse? I do not think that teenager must spend 10 years in prison for this.

10:43pm - strange man nursing a huge crocodile.
This reminded me of the shot of a lion hugging a woman who had saved him.

10:46pm - mountain lion attacks
I just thought about the cute huge lion that likes hugging a woman. Now I remembered that a lion is a ferocious animal. It was really painful to see the attacked woman's face. I'm so relieved to see her leading a normal life with a normal face without any need of face transplant.

The second half of the show was "Encore Presentation: Ambush at the River of Secrets"

On another note, we learned from last night show, that eating nuts is good for your longevity. I got some macadamia nuts and I've consumed a lot while blogging. It's 3:00am. It may be good for longevity, but definitely bad for my skin. Also, I'll be more likely to gain weight.


Anonymous said...

Great work!

Delie said...

Michael Ware's story left me speechless. I like him so much! That's all I have to say...

mio_bella said...

We can soon see him from Baghdad. He would look a lot messier there, and I like that way better!