Saturday, January 20, 2007

AC360 Commentary 01/19/ 07

From today, I am posting my commentary to AnderCandor once a week. I'm following their style today!

10:00pm - Anderson was wearing a mourning attire look suit. I wondered why and tried to find out some information, but unfortunately I couldn't.

DOOMSDAY CLOCK We are now closer as ever to the end of the world. Living in Japan, or I am just ignorant?, what is happening in Middle East seems something that is happening in other world. I am a little frightened to know the tension worldwide. Why do so many countries want to possess nuclear weapons? We are taught from our childhood how terrible nuclear weapons are. Now, I'd say those leaders are too ignorant.

10:08pm - Severe Weather
The icy situation is abominable enough for normal persons to put up with. It must be freezing cold there, but it seems that I am wearing much more than she does. Did I hear that the woman is a cancer patient? How persevering she is!

10:16pm - Interview with Shawn's parents.
very considerate comments to other kidnapped parents

10:21pm - Sylvia brownie
People in trouble are turning to somebody that might give them some information. These fortune tellers are thanked until the truth is revealed. But if truth is different from what they said, they are criticized vehemently. There is a fine line between a psychic and a con artist. It's a risky job.

10:24pm - Raw Data psychic believers
WOMEN: 18%
MEN : 8%
Have you ever consulted with a psychic? Actually, I have. I was told that I would be successful if I start my own company. That's nice. I would believe anything good so that I can try hard to realize my dream. When he or she says something bad, I try hard to avoid the worst thing from happening.

10:29pm - talk with a psychic debunker
$700 for 20 minutes!? She made use of desperate situations people are suffering.

10:37pm - Missing Con Artist
As our society gets more complicated, we are seeing more loopholes, which goes for yesterday's news about the 9-year-old boy that traveled from Seattle to Dallas(I forgot the exact destination.)

10:44pm - Anderson congratulates Tuchman's son having earned his black belt. How adorable! He really cares about people working with him. I could tell his warmhearted feeling in this moment.

10:48pm - War Within

10:55pm - THE SHOT
1) Fight among Taiwanese lawmakers
2) Pillow Fight League

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