Tuesday, January 30, 2007

AC from The Center for the Intrepid

My Goodness! He looks even more attractive. I usually watch AC360 twice a day. He appears from 12:00 to 14:00. I am so busy preparing for work during that period that I just turn on TV and see Anderson. I am not listening carefully to what he says. Usually, I get so crazy when Anderson appears but gradually I stay calm. But today, I never got used to his attraction and every time he appeared, I was rapt in fascination.

What makes you so attractive tonight? I was analyzing his appearance.
1) Dark Blue shirt makes Anderson's face look brighter, not pale.
2) Different make up? He is away from the NY studio, so there must have been another make-up artist for him. His face looks more natural, sharply chiseled around his eyes, and he had darker eyebrows.
3) His hair is getting longer and the way his hair is set today made him look even younger.

--- See? I was not paying any attention to the content. Totally Anderson-oriented! I was really stupid during my first AC360.

Actually, in addition to Anderson's glamor, today's show was brilliant. He was live from the Center for the Intrepid and covered a lot of stories of painful but hopeful wounded veterans. They dwell on not what's gone but on what they can still do. That's a good remark.

There are a lot of facilities that let inmates go back to battlefields. Anderson tries a shooting simulator. To tell you the truth, I didn't want to see him shoot a person. I know that is not a real thing but the idea of setting sight at a person-like thing disgusts me. (Then I shouldn't have posted that picture.)

I liked Anderson's interview with McCain and with Clinton, both of whom are likely to compete for the next presidential election. I could see a clear contrast. I do not have a lot to say about their issue, but I found the interview with Clinton more intense and Anderson looked really intelligent.

He never stops enamoring me!!


Anonymous said...

Yes indeed! AC looked really good last night especially wearing that blue shirt...made his eyes really stand out. Smart and goodlooking plus a nice guy...what a package.

Delie said...

Hi Mio,

I like your "Anderson-orientation" :-)! It's so me too! This morning, I was barely awake when I checked my DVD recording, but when Anderson appeared, I was completely mesmerized! OMG! He was so gorgeous! I love this blue shirt. I definitely prefer seeing him outside the studio.
To be honest, I have a real personal problem with guns and weapons. I was "uncomfortable" with the simulation shooting. Anderson + a gun! Not a good vision for me. Even if it's a simulation, like a video game. Sorry...

Mio, you teached me a new word today: enamoring. We have almost the same word in French : énamouré. Very very old French. And it reminds me a Brazilian song: A-namorada. But I'm out of the topic.

Pati Mc said...

Count me in girls! I agree that Anderson looked amazing last night. Even more so that usual. Love the blue shirt, too. It is definately his color. Makes those eyes just stand out all the more.

I get distracted when I see him as well. It makes it hard to concentrate. And in person, he is even more so. When he looks into your eyes, it is hard to breathe. He looks right into your soul. Very special person.

Mio - you get the best pictures of Anderson that I have ever seen! Keep up the good work! =) This post of your was so cute. It sounds so much like myself!

I also agree about the gun. I like that picture, but I do not like guns. It surprised me that he did that. Oh well, he is still a handsome sweetheart in my book!

Jan said...

Mio-Great post today. I thought he looked might handsome last night also. That blue shirt, sure brought out his blue eyes.

I'm not wild about the gun, but I think he probably had fun with it and since the show was pretty serious, I hope he did enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mio!

I agree with everything you posted, you took the words right out of my mouth. Especially when he was interviewing Clinton. I was completely mesmerized with him when he came on screen. He looked really good, and yes, I agree I think it's the blue shirt which complemented his eyes. Loved your screencaps, you always capture his best angles. Actually, every angle of him looks great, don't you agree? Haha!


ME Ellee said...

I say ditto to everything you said, Mio and to all the comments. Oh, and one other thing
which nobody mentioned *THUD* *gets up, wipes self off, dusts hands and then DANG! THUDS AGAIN*
Sorry ladies, it's out of my control.

mio_bella said...

Wow! I've got as many as five comments and everybody was mesmerized just as much as I was!

@anonymous person
We need so many nice adjectives to describe Anderson!

I did not want to see him carry a gun. And I am glad that everybody does not like that idea. Maybe we should tell Anderson not to do that kind of thing again.
As I am not a native English speaker, I do not know if the word "enamor" is used in their daily conversation. Can anybody answer our vocabulary question?

I really envy you! I wish he sees me right in the eyes. Just imagining that, I fell into a hypnotic status.

I like your phrase, "The blue shirt brought out his blue eyes."
As I wrote a few times, I did not want Anderson shoot a person-like object or living-animal-like things. If he aims at a monster or no-living object, I would never feel offended.

I'm glad to know that you like my screencaps. I try to get the best moment of the show!

Actually, I am dozing off. There must be a lot of typos. Please forgive me.

mio_bella said...

Hi, me ellee

It seems you posted your comment while I was dozing off!