Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Caught watching a video

Thanks to a technical problem, we could catch Anderson watching the video. He looks just as cool off screen as on screen, which means, he is always so sexy.

I only finished watching for only the first 30 minutes and foudn myself sleeping. I'll watch this show again later and I might want to post another comment later. good night.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ever seen Anderson in his bathing suit?

This is the casual chat with my coworker Matt.

Matt: How was Anderson today?
Mio : Oh, somehow he looked really cool today!!
Matt: Did he appear in his bathing suit?

Here's another chat with another coworker last month. Matt was not there at that time.

Mio : Take a look at my to-do list! (I printed a big Anderson picture with it.)
Ms.Yano: This is for December, he's wearing a sweater. In summer, you will print his picture with his barhing suit!

Speaking of bathing suit, there sure was a chance for him to wear his bathing suit. In the rehab center, they've got a surfing pool. He should have tried surfing there!
But why do two of them expect Anderson to wear his bathing suit!? I have never seen it. Does anybody have it?? If you do, please send me!

AC from The Center for the Intrepid

My Goodness! He looks even more attractive. I usually watch AC360 twice a day. He appears from 12:00 to 14:00. I am so busy preparing for work during that period that I just turn on TV and see Anderson. I am not listening carefully to what he says. Usually, I get so crazy when Anderson appears but gradually I stay calm. But today, I never got used to his attraction and every time he appeared, I was rapt in fascination.

What makes you so attractive tonight? I was analyzing his appearance.
1) Dark Blue shirt makes Anderson's face look brighter, not pale.
2) Different make up? He is away from the NY studio, so there must have been another make-up artist for him. His face looks more natural, sharply chiseled around his eyes, and he had darker eyebrows.
3) His hair is getting longer and the way his hair is set today made him look even younger.

--- See? I was not paying any attention to the content. Totally Anderson-oriented! I was really stupid during my first AC360.

Actually, in addition to Anderson's glamor, today's show was brilliant. He was live from the Center for the Intrepid and covered a lot of stories of painful but hopeful wounded veterans. They dwell on not what's gone but on what they can still do. That's a good remark.

There are a lot of facilities that let inmates go back to battlefields. Anderson tries a shooting simulator. To tell you the truth, I didn't want to see him shoot a person. I know that is not a real thing but the idea of setting sight at a person-like thing disgusts me. (Then I shouldn't have posted that picture.)

I liked Anderson's interview with McCain and with Clinton, both of whom are likely to compete for the next presidential election. I could see a clear contrast. I do not have a lot to say about their issue, but I found the interview with Clinton more intense and Anderson looked really intelligent.

He never stops enamoring me!!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

AC360 Commentary 01/26/ 07

I've contributed the same article to AnderCandor. Please check it out!

9:40pm - Preview of AC360
Turn on TV to check if Anderson will appear for tonight's AC360. Larry has a strong nasal voice. Oh, no! John King is hosting tonight's show!? SOOO distressed!

10:01pm - Targeting Iran
I know I am too naive, but I still cannot see Iran as a potential threat. America wants to start war with Iran? It seems to me that all Bush wants to do to divert blunder is war and space projects.

10:16pm - Anderson talking one on one with Micheal Ware
I did not expect to see Anderson today, so I got even more excited to see him!
Every time Micheal reported from Baghdad, he seemed so desperate to live. Now I could tell how chaotic the situation in Iraq is. I read that Anderson said a couple of months ago that he would be going to Iraq again soon, which has not be done so far. I guess CNN producers kept him from going. Did Micheal's story make him want to go? "Normal persons" wouldn't go, as I quote from his book, but Anderson might want to go although I hope not to risk his life.

10:32pm - Unfair Law
I am a bit surprised that that kind of act is worse than actual intercourse? I do not think that teenager must spend 10 years in prison for this.

10:43pm - strange man nursing a huge crocodile.
This reminded me of the shot of a lion hugging a woman who had saved him.

10:46pm - mountain lion attacks
I just thought about the cute huge lion that likes hugging a woman. Now I remembered that a lion is a ferocious animal. It was really painful to see the attacked woman's face. I'm so relieved to see her leading a normal life with a normal face without any need of face transplant.

The second half of the show was "Encore Presentation: Ambush at the River of Secrets"

On another note, we learned from last night show, that eating nuts is good for your longevity. I got some macadamia nuts and I've consumed a lot while blogging. It's 3:00am. It may be good for longevity, but definitely bad for my skin. Also, I'll be more likely to gain weight.

Friday, January 26, 2007

My Crazy AnderDay

I set Eastern time for this blog. I see many people from many country are visiting my blog. I'll write about my crazy day. I'll write this diary with AnderCandor format. I think it is 1:20pm, but here in Japan, it is 3:20am!

8:30am - Woke up and take yoga exercize, and daily English speaking training
10:00am - Spend time with my parents and had a chat
11:00am - Start my work watchinig Larry King Live. That guy, William was so annoying!
12:00pm - Anderson appeared and I am tidying my room.
12:40pm - I caught the SHOT and emailed CNN on the spot and continue my work agian.
1:00pm - Prepare lunch, eat it and did the dishes. Anderson was on screen
2:00pm - I was so disappointed that my email was not read and blogged it.
3:00pm - Completed my work. Changed clothes, wore makeups and left home for office.
3:30pm - Just before I went to work, I dropped in at a departmentstore to buy a suitcase.
10:45pm - Come back home with another pile of documents. Had a quick supper.
11:00pm - Start working.
12:00pm - Start watching AC360 from scratch, but I was not again concntrated. at the same time, I was thinking of what to blog about, taking pictures, replying to my emails and working.
2:00am - Finished my work and took a shower. Started blogging, including uploading movies on YouTube, sending email to the Japanese TV show, shimura zoo.
3:20am - Gosh! I am not at all sleepy! But I think it's time to go to bed.

Living with Pandas

I never liked the way William Hung sings and his "She Bangs" became quickly an ear bug and even after 15hours later, I vividly remember his voice! Anderson is right. We did need earplugs!

Thank God Anderson does not have to listen to Will sing during his show!

Gary Tuchman's report from a sewage! After the report, Anderson asked him if he had taken a bath, that was so cute. He is really caring.

Living Longer
In a casual chat with my friend the other day, we were talking about our sleeping habits. At that time, I said,
"I sleep for 3hours or 4.5hours but once or twice a week, I sleep for 7 or 8 hours. After such a long period of sleep, I feel very dizzy and have a headache."
And here's what she said to me,
"I heard that the total amount of time you can be active is decided. You are consuming so much time awake, so you'll die pretty soon!"
She was drunk but I was not at all offended.

So when Dan mentioned how our sleep affects our life expectancy, I was all ears. He said 7-hour sleep is the best. He also said that Anderson is sleeping for 3 hours, and that Anderson's watching TV in a airconditioned room is bad.

From what I learned from the previous chat and the story from this Blue Zones guy, it is assumed that Anderson will not live long. Do you buy it!? Anderson was in his polite manners during his interview but I think he was skeptical about his survey. I am also skeptical but at least Dan's story kept me from eating snacks or sweets at this hour.

As I wrote just after the show, I emailed AC360 about the SHOT. Actually, I sent email to that Japanese TV show! I didn't get any response from AC360. Now I am looking forward to their reponse.
He may be reading my email!? --->

Too much emphasis on his name! We all know your name!

P.S. I forgot to upload a cute moment. I did just now. Please check this out!(Here)


In the first THE SHOT, we saw a woman living with pandas. I did watch the TV show a coulpe of months ago. Anderson asked about the show. It is my role to give him information about Japanese TV! I emailed AC360 on the spot with the link of the TV show.

At the very end ofthe show, Anderson showed us the same movie again! He said that he got a lot of emails from audience. Oh, no! Not only from me!!! Anyway, I so much expected my email to be read, but never!!!

I will send him email, or answer for 360BLOG so that my name might someday be read by him. This is my dream and goal of my fascination for Anderson Cooper!

p.s. I wrote that the movie was about an experiment on whether you can live with pandas. Other than that, the TV program has made experiment with lions, ostrich, kangaroos and so on. Can you imagine sleeping with a hippo!? This is a really funny TV program.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Children Mirror the World

Invisible Chains: Sex, Work and Slavery
They covered a number of painful stories on Wednesday show.

Atlanta; ground zero for child prostitution.
Again, there are many missing children. But this time, for the purpose of prostitution. It is hard to believe this is what is happening right now in the most developed country. However the bigger the nation becomes, the more crimes we tend to see, which is really sad. It's time to go back to the good old days?

Cambodia; slavery, AIDS, sold by their parents, mere 5-year-old children, only $10
People from outside can see how terrible situations girls there are suffering from. It was really sad that the girl the NYT writer released soon become a prostitute again. I wonder if they know this or not, but they are missing chances to lead normal healthy lives.

Thailand; slave labor
I once heard that rich people, often from abroad, should hire local people to so that they can contribute to

Uganda; enslaved by a rebel army
I heard a horrible story. They force their boys to cook and eat human? I could never imagine that.

the Dominican Republic; sugar slavery
The same report as aired a couple of weeks ago. It once reminded me of buying Fair Trade products.

This is a silly side of this blog.
Wasn't he even closer than yesterday?

Anderson's face was constantly serious, but I did catch his smile! He laughed a little bit in a talk between Michael and I had a hard time understanding why he laughed.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Presidential Speech

Anderson seemed constantly serious, cautious, intelligent and sexy!

I know how important State of the Union is, and there were some parts that I got interested in. So many people have already blogged about the speech and I don't think my comments will be interesting for anyone else to hear. So I'm goint to write something different.

In my school, there's a lesson for adult learners. I also participate in the class. Here is an asssignment from the previous lesson; Go to YouTube, find a movie that you find interesting and describe it.

Here's the movie one of the participants describe;
George W. Bush's Speech Writer

I watched the movie the night before the "real" presidential speech. Sometimes, I laughed during the speech, being reminded that movie. Didn't Bush sometimes looked around while the audience were giving standing ovation? He looked apalled as if he had been the only one who could not understand what he was talking about.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

CNN Pipeline 2

The last time CNN offered free trial of pipeline, I spent hours and hours on it. This time, I was wise enough not to spend too long. Here's some pics from New Year's Eve Live. But this time, we could see it behind the scene. You do not have to subscribe pipeline. This is a movie from podcast, so you can download and enjoy it whenever you want!

Just after 0:00am, Anderson did not appear on the screen and I had to wait for him a little while. Now I know what he was doing. He and staff members were congratulating the New Year with some drinks!

By the end of the live, he seemed excited but tired out. He left the venue at 1:05am and went back home to sleep.

New Camera Angles

As I am not an American, I am not so much interested in American politics. So, I was not fascinated with today's coverage most of the time. There's no point writing about this issue. But I hope for a woman leader. I don't think a woman likes to fight and kill many people, and I think that she cares about conservation, and that she will be kind to poor people. For so many years, men have had huge political power and the world will never be a peaceful one. Why don't you let a woman lead the world?

I found a lot of shots of Anderson from different angles.
Did you ever see a shot from behind the desk?

Also, the way of beginning the second half was a sort of new to me. He was standing on the right side of the screen, and we see slightly bigger image of Anderson. I was a little startled, and so did Anderson! Again, I upload the movie on YouTube. This might not be funny at all, but to me, it WAS, because I moved my body exactly the same way and at the same time as Andy.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

AC360 commercial from CNNj

Personally, I hate this commercial, but it is pretty popular among Anderfans.You might want to see, so again, I upload the movie here!

The combination of YouTube and Anderson Cooper is amazing! Within a day, my terrible-quality videos were viewed more than one hundred times!

AC360 Commentary 01/19/ 07

From today, I am posting my commentary to AnderCandor once a week. I'm following their style today!

10:00pm - Anderson was wearing a mourning attire look suit. I wondered why and tried to find out some information, but unfortunately I couldn't.

DOOMSDAY CLOCK We are now closer as ever to the end of the world. Living in Japan, or I am just ignorant?, what is happening in Middle East seems something that is happening in other world. I am a little frightened to know the tension worldwide. Why do so many countries want to possess nuclear weapons? We are taught from our childhood how terrible nuclear weapons are. Now, I'd say those leaders are too ignorant.

10:08pm - Severe Weather
The icy situation is abominable enough for normal persons to put up with. It must be freezing cold there, but it seems that I am wearing much more than she does. Did I hear that the woman is a cancer patient? How persevering she is!

10:16pm - Interview with Shawn's parents.
very considerate comments to other kidnapped parents

10:21pm - Sylvia brownie
People in trouble are turning to somebody that might give them some information. These fortune tellers are thanked until the truth is revealed. But if truth is different from what they said, they are criticized vehemently. There is a fine line between a psychic and a con artist. It's a risky job.

10:24pm - Raw Data psychic believers
WOMEN: 18%
MEN : 8%
Have you ever consulted with a psychic? Actually, I have. I was told that I would be successful if I start my own company. That's nice. I would believe anything good so that I can try hard to realize my dream. When he or she says something bad, I try hard to avoid the worst thing from happening.

10:29pm - talk with a psychic debunker
$700 for 20 minutes!? She made use of desperate situations people are suffering.

10:37pm - Missing Con Artist
As our society gets more complicated, we are seeing more loopholes, which goes for yesterday's news about the 9-year-old boy that traveled from Seattle to Dallas(I forgot the exact destination.)

10:44pm - Anderson congratulates Tuchman's son having earned his black belt. How adorable! He really cares about people working with him. I could tell his warmhearted feeling in this moment.

10:48pm - War Within

10:55pm - THE SHOT
1) Fight among Taiwanese lawmakers
2) Pillow Fight League

Friday, January 19, 2007

Two Gray-Haired Successful Guys

I should have posted this first!!
The greatest moment of today's show was not within the show itself. 15 minutes before the show started, Anderson exchanged a nice greeting with the young, gray-haired singer that won American Idol a few years ago, I do not even remember his name. Anderson was so cute that I posted the movie on YouTube on the spot!

Incredibly Strong Woman

Recently AC360 is covering a lot of stories about missing kids. On one side, people are celebrating their kid's coming back home. But still, there are parents suffering from loss of their kids. Shawn's case is giving them hope, but it is painful for me to listen to the mother's message. She is now living with her teenage grandkids. At the same time, she is waiting for her "teenage" son. He asked her to prepare some sausage before he left home and then vanishsed. When I heard that she still keeps the sausage in the freezer, I almost cried. I really hope this program would be a great help in getting her son back to her and that they will have a party.

As Anderson said, she was an incredibly strong woman.

They also covered a story about a mother doting on her son. It was an apalling story about 9-year-old son's travel. He knew how to stole and drive a car and how to fly without airline tickets nor money. Nobody can imagine this could even possible. He might be a genius, but is that what his mother could say?? She should be ashamed, but on the contrary. She seemed to be very proud of her son committing crimes.

I liked Dr. Sanjay Gupta's "FIT or FAT" segment. I am one of the persons who decided to lose weight as a part of New Year's resolution. I learned a lot to stay fit. I should not eat ice cream every day. That makes me sad.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

What are little girls made of?

A few weeks ago, in my English school, I introduced some of the Mother Goose rhymes. I said,
"Most of the native speakers know phrases from Mother Goose, so it is worth reading. You might read or hear in newspapers, movies and TV."
At that time, I couldn't give them any examples, but now I can!

What Are Little Boys Made Of?

Are Little Boys Made of?
What are little boys made of?
What are little boys made of?
Frogs and snails,
And puppy-dogs' tails;
That's what little boys are made of.

What are little girls made of?
What are little girls made of?
Sugar and spice,
and all that's nice;
That's what little girls are made of.

In today's show, I learned that girls are no longer made of something very nice. As girls are gaining more power socially and physically, they are becoming more violent. I want people not to be obsessed about the traditional ideas about gender roles, like girls should act like this, and boy like that. But we should at least keep good parts of traditional ideas.

When Larry King passed the program to Anderson, he introduced Anderson like this;
"Speaking of the most successful people, we go to New York and Anderson Cooper 360."
Anderson's bashful smile was so cute! (Not bashful? Confident?)

He's got his hair cut? So sleek!

There was a lot of cute moments in today's show.

I like Anderson lay his fingers on his lips.

After Randi Kay's survey, he asked some questions, and "I" was glad,too. He seemed startled and didn't know how to react to the answer. Here's my English problem again. How would you describe this embarrassed, bashful, startled smile? What is the right word? Anyway, no matter how to say in English, he looked really cute.

Which side of Anderson's face do you like?

Anderson from left side.

Anderson from right side.

Hmm, I like his face from the left side although he looks sexy from 360-view.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I found him quite sexy! If I should have the right to vote, I might want to vote for him. He is attractive and thanks to today's show, we know more about him. Expecially, here in Japan, I think very few people know about him.

When I heard that he might run for the 2008 Presidential election, I was a little surprised because he seems very young, in later introducing report, it was said that he is 45 years old. Young?? Anyway, just then I heard Anderson say that he might become the first African American president. Gee! I never thought about that! Maybe because I have seen 24?

I wrote about Obama, but who can attract me more than dead sexy Anderson!?

It seemed to me that he was wearing a new pale purple shirt. In this picture, it looks white, though.

I liked the latest Katrina surviver segment a lot. At the end of the report, the baby's name Noah was announced, which made me smile. At the same time, I could feel Anderson's warm hearted feeling. I guess everybody who were watching the show shared the same feeling.

He often says "Yikes!" these days and the way he says is sooooo cute!

AC Yikes moment;
  • Ms. France turning out to be "Mr. France"

"If there's a problem, it would have been detected in the bathing suit fitting!"

"... well.... YIKES!"

  • after seeing a violent guy hitting a huge flared snowman
  • when asked to run New Year Marathon next year
  • a dolphin saved by the world's tallest man
  • after so many other SHOT corners!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


We heard a lot of stories about kidnapping. I was pretty startled by the facial expression of Shawn, the kidnapped boy. He seemed extremely OK. It is one's surroundings that decide people's personalities. He was completely brainwashed and has adapted to the environment. I bet it would again take him a lot of time to be able to lead a "normal" life again, but I hope his parents, friends and relatives would help him get on his feet.

As I live in Japan, those stories reminded me of two of abduction incidents that we had in the past and that we are having now.
  1. In tonight's show, there was a story of a girl abducted when she was 14 years old and released after 10 years' of captivity. We had a similar case here in Japan. As far as I can recall, she was kidnapped when she was 9 years old. A stranger kidnapped her in his room. He lived with his parents but his parents never noticed that he had been keeping a girl. The girl was not allowed to get out of the room. She got food from him, she couldn't take a bath and she couldn't even go to bathroom. The girl went through puberty in a very small room bounded by a weird guy. In this case, she had been constantly looking for every single chance to get out of the tiny room. I wonder how she is leading her life after she was released.
  2. A lot of Japanese people have been abducted by North Korean agents. NK announced that they had solved this problem, but what they revealed was far from satisfactory and Tokyo has still demanding the truth. Some of them were released and now leading rather normal lives here in Japan. But at first, they were completely brainwashed. They believed they had been happy there.

Having a narrow mind is sometimes a horryfying thing, for both individuals and countries. I again appreciate having an access to such a great news program full of views from around the world.

I liked today's SHOT! That was the only hillarious moment and I couldn't stop laughing. Poor donkey! He was forced to carry too heavy cargo and he went up in the air.

In the U.S., Monday was Martin Luther King Day. I have seen a lot of English teaching materials on him. So I was pretty surprised to know that he might have not included one of the most famous phrases, "I have a Dream!" Next time I have to tell my students about him, I would definitely talk about the information that I've just got.

As I said just before tonight's show started, Anderson makes me ecstatic after one-day-longer Anderless weekend.


Anderson pics are always yummy, I got non-yummy caricature.

This is how I got it;
My Canadian collegue Matt went back home for Christmas vacation last month. He got us some chocolates from Canada and he said to me,

Matt: Other than this chocolate, I got something special for you!
Mio : Thanks. ( I was so busy that I just said this at that time.)

A few days later...
Mio : What did you do with the present for me? Did you give that to another person?
Matt: Well, nobody wants it. I think you can guess, but a little clip from a magazine.
Randy(another coworker from Hawaii): Naked Cooper?

Mio : YUMMY! Randy: YUCK!

That clip turned out to be...

Not yummy, eh?

Anyway, I am happy to get something somewhat related to Anderson.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Anderless AC360

Monday show is about t start and I am writing about Friday's show now. Anderson's absence is not my excuse for not watching AC360 but a sort of excuse for not posting review quickly.

Apart from Anderson's holiday, I liked the show a lot.

A huge amount of pension to convicted former congressmen;
We havee similar problems here in Japan and I could understand fully how frustrated tax payers are. Usually, I am not interested so much in American politics, but I enjoyed watching that segment.

Airforce bunny;
I support her 100%. She looks very strict but at the same time, she is attractive. My stereotype for a female trainer for army is a robust, stubborn, trying to be treated like a man ... that kind of a person. She does have that kind of personality, but she is too beautiful to hide her sexual attraction.

Lance Armstrong;
In the U.S. or outside Japan, I am sometimes amazed by celebrities having such a big movement to improve society. The more famous a person is, the bigger impact he or she can make.
Also, Anderson has been changing people's mind in every field. As for me, since I began watching his program, I pay attention to much more global issues.

A Lion and a Woman
The most sincere hug that she has ever had? I could tell that easily. What a nice shot! I wish Anderson would have watched that clip with us.

Mission Accomplished!
See? I WAS watching AC360 even when AC was off.

It is 15 minutes before AC360 and he has just appeared! Yay! He's got a new blue checkered shirt and looks even more attractive after three-day holiday!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Rosie Attacks Anderson!

I found an interesting video from YouTube. CNN AC360 broadcasted more than enough stories about the battle between Rosie and Donald. And Rosie finally attacked our Anderson Cooper! He must have been startled when Rosie mentioned his name. He finally has a chance to join the feud but I believe he is the last person to get in.

Friday, January 12, 2007


As Anderson says, it is hard to believe that was not the image one year ago but the image today. Tonight's stories cover a lot from various angles; piles of debris, surging crimes (including a murder of a photographer), interview with the mayor, angry New Orleans residents, a 83-year-old man rebuilding his own house and so on. At first, I felt as if I were watching non-fiction stories, but there are so many people suffering this situation and so many lives are at stake.

Speaking of rebuilding a house, we saw a man rebuilding his house alone when Anderson had an interview with the three comics the other day. Is that the same man? While I was wondering that, I saw "COMIC RELIEF" badge on the cap of the 83-year-old man. Just before he left, Anderson help him unplug the mic. That was the only moment that brought us a warm smile during this show.

Recently, one of my friends, whom I got acquaited with through this blog, sent me a report she wrote when she went to certain TV show taping last September. In the report, I learned that AC360 staff had asked Mr. Nagin to appear in the show several times, but he had refused to do so at the 11th hour. But he finally made it. He answered many questions from one of the most furious persons about the quagmire.

Anderson is said to be more powerful than a bulldozer, but sometimes, he looks tiny.

I found that in yesterday's show as well.

Just before the show came to an end, a breaking news rolled in! That was far from a happy news, but I have to admit that I got excited. Usually as soon as AC360 finishes, CNNj airs a program from CNN international. Thanks to the blast in Athen, that program was interrupted by CNN U.S., in which, of course, Anderson was reading the news. What a pleasant surprise for non U.S. viewers!

Casual Anderson

I really love that grubby abercrombie shirt. Each time he appears, I get intoxicated and it takes a few minutes to concentrate on the content. I feel terribly sorry for Anderson, but he is too sexy to read news! I must watch today's program again and again to fully understand what he said. I don't know how many times I have to see to get used to too appealing Anderson.