Friday, December 28, 2007

Anderson will be in Pakistan

Ugh.... I've been pretty busy these days. I spent as long as 15 hours at work for these three days. There's only 9 hours left! Under such a murdorous schedule, I never forget getting intoxticated with AC. I checked 360BLOG first thing in the morning and learned that he had got back in gear. He was thinking of some ways to report live from Pakistan without skipping a single show. How determined, passionate, capable Anderson is! This is not an appropreate thing to say in such an occasion, but this is what makes Anderson distinguished and this is why I repect him so much.

To tell you the truth, I haven't finished watching Thursday AC360 special. (I'll leaving for work 7 hours later from now!) I'll just go to bed with podcast, which might keep me awake and excited!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Oscar Peterson

His piano sounds brilliant, distinguished, full of love and emotions. It seems he is playing any music with ease, however it is said no other pianist could practice harder than him. Oscar Peterson passed away today, which is a sad news on Christmas day.

I love Peterson's "Satin Doll" the best. I even copied this and actually played with a basist and a drummer. I'd love to play it again for next holiday.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas to you all

I am not a Christian and I don't have a custom to celebrate Christmas. It's about 1:00am on 25th. Sadly Santa Claus won't come to me.

I cooked and had dinner at my BF's place just because it was a holiday for both of us. I work in the evening and weekend, and he works in daytime and weekdays. So it was a precious day for us.


I thought I would be able to blog about Inside Africa, but somehow, I recorded "Art of Life." CNNj website said they would be airing IA, but they didn't. I saw a commercial and it was a report from Congo when he went there last year. Did anyone check it out?


I was thinking of posting a video of me playing a Japanese Christmas song, but the song was pretty long and I couldn't upload it with my account. Instead, I'll post my favorite Christmas song.

IMO, Mariah Carey sings best and is most beautiful in this video!


Speaking of video, have you cheked this out yet? Anderson's New Year's Eve

Here're some pics from the video.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Kevin Again

A couple of months ago, I think I mentioned this green tie is unpopular and said "Will he ever wear this again?" And he did!

Kevin appeared as an announcer again!
Was Anderson happy about this? Let's find out.

Might have pretended to be annoyed, but he seemed happy!

The story about a high way mentioned on Bible was interesting. Should ancient people possibly know about the specific road that would exist more than 2000 years later? When people see a strange coincidence, they tend to think "There's something about this place" kind of things. Because of its ambiguity, Bible is translated in so many ways.
The same thing can be said to fortune tellers. My uncle has a serious problem these days and underwent a counseling at a fortune tellers. She/He said, "You haven't treated your deceased father, have you?" Later he said, "Come to think of it, I haven't do anything about him." Then he visited the tomb and gave flowers to him. I don't know if this behavior will relieve him of his problem, but what he is doing to the father is nice.
I don't know about Bible and I'm not so interested in fortune telling. But their words always give us opportunities to think back what you have been doing and they promote good behavior. It is not listening to them carefully that counts, but translating them into your real life that is important.
Speaking of "translating," I might have mistranslated "that" person's comment. I didn't think she would bother to come back to this blog, but she did, leaving a comment for the previous post. I won't say anything about this as she says she won't come again (She might come without leaving comments or leave as anonymous?), and I know what I can write and what I shouldn't.
We won't have AC360 tomorrow. Have a good holidays without AC and with your precious persons.
p.s. I don't like leaving your comments unanswered and I make it a rule to answer them, but I haven't done that recently. I find it rude and sorry for it. I will try answering them from now on.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thank you all for your nice words. I'm so glad I am running this blog. Now I have I have so many friends that share the same feelings to our guy! And all over the world!
I'm not discouraged by that comment. But it did give me a chance to look back on how I look these days. We all know we love AC because of his work. But to one time visitor, I might have looked so crazy.

I didn't blog yesterday (and Anderson said the same thing on his blog as well!) just because I went out with my friend and had a ball and I came back home at 4:00am! I didn't want to start watching AC360 at such a wee hour but I went to bed immediately. I'm having Christmas holidays! I have 5 days off from work! Yay! I'm visiting my friend today but I'm sure I'll have enough time watching and blogging after that.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Why do we love Anderson?

Ugh, I'm updating yesterday's show too late.
Honestly, when I first read Anderson's blog, I couldn't get a clear image of what AC360 with an announcer will be like. Now I do. Speaking of an announcer, they used to have one who said, "... across the country, around the world..... here's Anderson Cooper," kind of thing at the beginning of the show. I liked that guy. ( I am watching Lou Dubb's Tonight, which I rarely do, and he is announcing right now! )I got more and more excited before Anderson appeared on the screen.

American soldiers are still fighting in Afghanistan, and AC said they are forgotten by media. In Japan, there's few people who think about what is happening in that country. Most people may believe the war has ended.
I was surprised how young soldiers look. There are many people in their age having good time at home, however they are risking their lives. And we know how terrible life might awate them after their withdrawal.
Anderson always cares about people and situations that are forgotten by manby others. I really loved his passionate and compassionate look while he was watching the report.
By the way, I got this comment by a Japanese visitor to this blog.
Yukie wrote;
Japanese always sucking up to the USA. Also Japan is a flatterer to American. It's not right,yea,obviously, absolutely so....I worries about you.I always try to be candid.Do you mind if I speak frankly??Do you love him(AC)? why??He's a white man?? You are a white supremacist??....I know that Anderson is an amazing journalist and a good talker,but not much else....Also, AC has all good!! looks, voice,charisma. but keep in mind, it's not a person's looks that count, it's what's inside. Goodnessoften charms more than mere beauty!

Every Anderson fan here has one thing we agree on. It's inside of Anderson that makes him even more attractive. We all know this. It's kind of a matter of course. He just happens to have a nice looks. These days it seems we are always talking about how nice he looks, but we are attracted by his passion, aren't we?
Another thing I want our international friends is whether or not I look a "white supremacist" just because I love this remarkable journalist. In France, the Phillipines, Germany, Belgium, Algentina, Korea, do people worry about you if you love an American? I was kind of startled how narrow-minded this person is. I don't like being nasty on this person. But I really have to say that I am love him because of his devotion to his mission.

Still, Anderson looks so gorgeous, doesn't he?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Yummy Yummy!
I usually come to my PC at about 10:40 and this is how I wait for 360 to start!

Zuiikin Again!

I knew AC would introduce another Zuiikin video when Erica came back. On his blog last week, Anderson wrote that he would let us show the video, but mall shooting thing happened. During last week, Gary Tuckman was in charge of "What were they thinking!?," which is the reason for Zuiikiin postpone. The first time I watched that video, I cannot help laughing and feeling kind of embarrassed. However, now I am completely used to it.
This video was so hilarious that I reccomended this to my coworker. He is really proficient in Japanese and he loves stupid things. At work, I told him that CNN had aired another Zuiikin. He asked me what was the phrase and I answered. He remembered not only the phrases but also skits! Have you ever checked them on YouTube? You can see some skit before exercises. We might want to copy some of the exercise!

Are you a Celine Dion fan? She is great and I admire her. I love her musics and have some CDs. However, I do not like her so much. She seems so infatuated with herself. Sometimes, she seems not thinking about audience.

Celine Dion?

Anderson is honored to have some time to exchange some words with this great singer. But seeing this photo below, Anderson looks like a more important figure.

Now starting to miss serious Anderson?

Monday, December 17, 2007

AC360 week has begun!

I've been pretty busy with my "real" work and lazy about this work. Thank you all for a lot of nice messages for previous posts. I'll keep on posting a lot of pictures!

I usually leave home as soon as 360 finishes and I'll update after I come back from work. Sorry in advance that my post will appear way too late.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

360 crew sings Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Anne requested me to post a clip of the crew singing a song. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Gorgeous, Unconstrained, Serious and Drunk AC

I guess everybody enjoyed Friday's AC360. It has improved greatly these days and Anderson has looked great for the entire week. And I'd say tonight's show was the best in a week!

I watched AC360 live and as soon as it finished, I left home for work. At work, whenever I had a mental break, I was thinking about how gorgeous, serious and silly Anderson had been. Then I got so infatuated. I'm such an easy girl. I get happy so easily.

Before AC360 starts, I sometimes watch Larry King Live. Friday's LKL was really nice. I enjoyed a lot of music. Anderson and staff members seemed to have enjoyed it as well.

Oh, they were in silly mood again! I could expect something funny. But at this time, I didn't expect the show to be such a great one.

I'm so glad AC360 finally brings a report Anderson contributed to CBS. Wasn't this the first time since they aired "Stop Snitchin'" thing?

I wonder if there is a difference between how Japanese people see gorillas and others see them. In Japan, "mountain gorilla" can be sort of a curse word. We sometimes use it to describe a person who is robust, ugly, obese and barbaric. However, Anderson described a mountain gorilla as majestic animals, which was interesting to me.
I was really shocked to know there are only about 700 mountain gorillas. So few! And at least 10 of them were shot to death just recently? How disturbing! I also leaned from another source that pandas are under thread as well. They are being shot to kill in China. How could people not coexist with wild animals?
The only thing that satisfied me was how tourists are lending helping hands to support the habitat of this animal and people living in that region.

Of course, Anderson in this segment made me scream and faint so many times!

Christmas song, Congo report, and still they generously let us show this hilarious "drunk" Anderson!

That was the funniest story he's told us!
On another note, foes Anderson look like John McEnroe?

I've posted so many pictures, and to tell you the truth, I captured even more. The other day, one of my students discovered this blog and said to me; "I don't who that guy is but... I was appalled by how much you love him! You post too many pictures!" Too many? I don't think so. You need this much, don't you!? Or this is not enough?

Friday, December 14, 2007

Replies to your comments

In "Strange Country?" post, amy said;
I am curious what rude words they used to translate "Hasta la vista, baby."

They used "ABAYO." Everybody knows this phrase but I seldom hear it used. From my opinion, it is used when you say to somebody that you'll never want to see again in your entire life.


In "All about Hair" post, Jan & Pebbles asked me if I had captured a moment where Anderson wiped his face. I hadn't at that time, but now I did!


You might not check out previous post, so I'll attach the same thing that I've posted. Here's my suggestion. Rather, I'd like to ask you this.
I'm thinking of what iParty shot to send... Just now I come up with this idea. Volunteers from here are sending a picture with your country's famous scenery on you back and make a wallpaper like Delie often does. Of course AC's pic is going to be in the center of the wallpaper. Does anyone want to pitch in?


Anderson appeared on the screen just now!!! (Anderson didn't blog today, so I was afraid he wouldn't be on the show tonight.) He's so yummy with a pink shirt and a purple tie! Too bad I couldn't capture his yummy photo. Maybe after I come back from work and that would be 12 hours later.

Ander-jeans again!

I managed to watch Thursday's 360 and it's almost 3:00am here. I an in a bind. Anderson might blog at any moment. Should I wait the new post, blogging about the show? (Speaking of blog, I was so happy my comment was finally posted! I becane even happier to see Delie's comment!) Or should I just go to bed? I have work tomorrow, so I'd take the latter opction.
Thank you all the comments you left for previous posts. I'll write to you soon!