Friday, December 22, 2006


I am not interested in this battle between Trump and Rosie. At first it was really funny, but watching that once is more than enough. Now that Trump and Rosie are catching people's eyes, "controversy" of Miss USA's misdemeanors have vanished into oblivion. Trump's strategy?
However, watching Anderson watch the battle was worth watching over and over again. His kaleidoscope of facial expressions and lots of wrinkles were so charming.
The second half was a review of 2006. It was really nice for me to watch "late news " because I am quite a new viewer of AC 360. I've known this program, but I rarely watched it. Now if I miss only one day, I feel devastating.
Speaking of the past, I made "AnderCalendar" on my website. He has not been absent for almost two months, right?


Delie said...

Hi Mio!
The Andercalendar!!! Such a great idea! With all the ties, day by day. Nice job!

I liked the show yesterday. Of course, as French, I'm fed up with the Rosie/Trump's feud. It's not very interesting to me. But seeing Anderson so charming, funny and so cute too, is priceless!

mio_bella said...

Hi delie,

I am posting Anderson's picture every day, so I thought it nice to see him in one page!

It seems you and I shared the same feeling about yesterday's show. And I think Anderson himself was reluctant to cover that story again and again. His way of showing that was so clever and "kawaii!"