Sunday, December 17, 2006

So, what is a Christian??

The more I saw the program, the more I got confused.
Politics, environment issues, Israel, Darfur, finance ... Everything around us is somewhat related to Christianity.

As for me, I do not have particular religion as is often with most of Japanese people, I believe. But people tend to think that Gods are everywhere, the sun, water, trees, your own belongings and so on. Whatever you do, gods are watching over you. We use the name of "god" to enhance our morality.

Do I sound really ignorant?
To tell you the truth, this topic was pretty hard for me to understand. But I know religion is very important for people around the world and it affects so many fields as I mentioned earlier. I might want to watch this program over and over again.

Anderson's serious look and a finger on his lip looks so cute. We often catch this image, though. I'm posting similar picture again for the next day's program.

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