Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Honestly, I am finding the Iraq issue more and more boring. I know how important it is for American people. But to me, there seems to be only one solution. Or I am just still ignorant. Anyway, now that Anderson has reached Washington and that he is preparing for Wednesday show, in which Anderson will surely talk more and more about ISG, I should learn more about it. Speaking of Anderson arriving Washington, I checked out the 360 BLOG just after Anderson posted the latest message. Usually there are tons of replies for his post, but at that time, there was none! I might have had a chance to post the first reply! Yet I was clever enought not to post silly thing. I am just too ignorant and this matter is not ours.

I'd rather got interested in the stranded family. What is the most important thing for survival? Everybody, including Anderson, will assume "water" is the most important. However, it is said the number of people that died because of lack of water or food is very few. According to the interviewee, shelter is the most important for survival.

Whenever I see people trying to rescure one person, I realize the importance of warmhearted feeling. But at the same time, more than 100 American were killed in Iraq. You should know what you should do to try to solve the Iraq situation.


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