Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mature Boy

Gee! I was pretty amazed that this student was eloquent in his concern about his religious teacher. Whenever I see Anderson interview with somebody, an interviewee looks less intelligent. But as for this boy, he looked just as intelligent as much-older-highly-successful CNN anchor.
I posted a lot of images of Anderson with the "Rubik Cube Master." Who do you think is more stubborn, Anderson or RCM?
Tyson raised his hand to join this program to cast aside skepticism toward his unique ability. He could not make it on live TV so he tried again after the show.
Anderson, on the other hand, had been really persistent. He did not know when to give up and he let us watch the YouTube video again and again. He says that many viewers were interested but really? There were only 22 comments for 360blog at the time Tyson appeared on Friday show. Wasn't it Anderson that were eager to shoot him down?
This battle finally came to an end when Anderson admitted saying, "We(I) never doubted you."

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