Friday, December 08, 2006

How To Survive

These days, they were covering the story about the missing father, who eventually died in order to ask somebody for help. He moved everyone and now he is a hero.

Anyway, they gave us tips on how to survive in a cold mountain and with your car. A reporter spent a night in a cold mountain! What a hard work it is to be a reporter! I know how much tougher jobs Anderson has gone through, though.

As I wrote the day before, the best thing you can do is just stay. They say they will find you. I was pretty amazed. Are American police, or some other organizations, always finding anything that goint wrong in such vast areas? In Japanese people's point of view, if somebody got lost at a mountain, nobody will find you as long as their family or friends claim that he or she is missing. Oops, I forgot how they find the mother and the two daughters in the first place?

Iraq. I don't want discuss this matter.

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