Tuesday, December 12, 2006


At the beginning of the show, I saw big bags under his eyes. (It's a shame I missed the right moment of my picture taking, when we could see distinctive bags of his.) He must be pretty tired. With no wonder. He has not taken break for a long time. Even after the night he went to Turkey/Jordan, or Washinton, he appeared on his program. At least he has two days off on weekend, though.

Honestly, I did not enjoy today's show as much as I always do. How many times do they want us to watch the story of the stranded father? I can understand how moving that story is, but was it that big and important news for American people? And during the second half, Anderson was not in the studio! Actually, nobody but that brilliant screen. Was it "Anderson Cooper 360," or "Paula Zahn Now"?

I was looking for the special programming; How far would you go? What was special about that 5 minutes replay? I already used one of the reports in my English class.

I might sound mean today, but I do not blame Andy. He really needd some times to rest.

It was really nice for me to see tired Anderson.


Anonymous said...

I think a lot of people were disapointed in his coverage last night. Lets hope for better tonight.

I really enjoy reading your blog.


mio_bella said...

AC360 has just started! It seems Anderson, and his program, is going to be fine today. No matter what his condition is, I go crazy at a first glimpse of him, though!